Do we need fillers in 2019


We understand what fillers are and whether they will be in your cosmetic bag this year.

The past year has become a significant stage in the development of a culture of wellness cosmetics: we were not afraid to try all the beauty innovations and sought to beauty from the inside. Unconditional trends are lifting with using own blood plasma (the so-called lifting with PRP), as well as such long-known means as eye cream with vitamin C, liquids with mineral water for washing and dermarollers. Also kept popular beauty products for smooth face. In 2019, accessible and effective fillers will be central to their ranks.

Beauty Trend – 2019

Fillers are not such a novelty (read also: “Alternative to suspenders: creams, fillers and masks with a lifting effect”), although every year manufacturers try to improve technologies and give women the elixirs of youth that are close to the magical ones. However, it is not necessary to attribute all fillers to anti-age cosmetics: most of the fillers penetrate the skin, smooth and fill wrinkles, as if “pushing” them from the inside. However, the result of their use has rather decorative quality, rather than stimulating cells to postpone the moment of aging and destruction (and this is just inherent in anti-age cosmetics).

The functional set of the filler includes lifting the cheeks, neck, cheekbones and temples, as well as adding volume to the lips and loose skin of the hands.

In 2019, the trend for fillers goes beyond these areas and begins to conquer the entire surface of the body. On the agenda – to soften the skin of the feet, leveling the skin in the zone of damage (including scars) and much more. This trend has its own logic: when only a face is smooth and smooth, why doesn’t the rest of the body deserve the same smooth effect? If we strive for perfect skin, the bright contrasts of its prominent areas can work in the opposite direction.

Types and application

Fillers can be divided into two large groups: external fillers and injectable fillers (work from the inside). In both groups, components such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and silicone polymers are responsible for the smoothing effect, which interact with the wrinkle surface, filling it and smoothing the skin surface. Injection fillers are good because they penetrate deep into the dermis. Thirty minutes after application, the filler substance begins to transform the skin into a smooth relief that will delight you for up to four months (depending on the characteristics of the product). Therefore, the effect of “skin like a baby” is no longer a verdict of advertising campaigns, but a common practice.

You may have troubling associations with Botox (read also: “Beauty expertise: is Botox safe”), but you shouldn’t be in a hurry here: injections with Botox relax the muscles under wrinkles, while the filler substance fills sections of heterogeneous structure skin. The main thing to consider is: fillers belong to decorative cosmetics, although many manufacturers go further and add anti-aging ingredients to their compositions. Topical fillers are used much more often: they should be applied after serum and makeup foundation. There are no injections here, but the action of the agent is terminated with the first washing of the area of ​​application.

If you decide to try fillers on your own beauty, we advise you to carefully examine the composition of the product and avoid those that include stabilizers, solvents, dyes and fragrances that can only harm the skin.

What to consider when using

Filler is one of the most harmless and effective methods to fight for a flawless profile and full face; however, in order to reduce the possible risks (which are mostly related to the injection method), it is important to consider the following points:

Do not skimp on quality (and often expensive) cosmetic products.: buy proven cosmetics, and it is best to first consult with a dermatologist.Injection fillers should be applied in a sterile space.: home, SPA, resort places – not the most suitable places for their use, regardless of the professionalism of the person who conducts the procedure. Be carefull!Use sunscreen to consolidate the filler effect. In the case of injection procedures, its substance will help prevent inflammatory pigment changes that often occur after the injection needle penetrates the skin.

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