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In the computer game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which was released on October 25, the location of Donetsk Downtown with the center of Donetsk appeared.

This is a multiplayer rather than a story map, up to 32 people can play on it simultaneously.

It is noted that the name of the teams will have nothing to do with existing units. It will not be such that the conditional “DNR forces” will battle the “National Guard”. In addition, the map does not reproduce real military operations, but in one of the screenshots you can see an abandoned stadium that resembles the Donbass Arena.

It should also be noted that Donetsk does not appear among the locations of the plot campaign, that is, there will not be any pre-prepared scenes related to the city.

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The central part of Donetsk serves only as a decoration. In addition to Donetsk, the list of multiplayer maps includes a Syrian settlement and even London Piccadilly Circus.

The developers of Modern Warfare claimed that they want to portray the cruelty of modern battles much bolder than the games usually allow themselves, but the payment for this was the replacement of real countries and fictitious groups.

Add, the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare started from the first position in the UK sales chart. 62% of shooter sales were on the PlayStation 4, and 38% on the Xbox One. The number of digital copies sold on all platforms is still unknown.

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