Dry skin of the body – causes and methods of treatment

The skin is the largest human organ. It performs many functions, forms our appearance, is responsible for tactile sensations. It contains external secretion glands that secrete lard. This secret binds water molecules and holds them in tissues. If work glands are broken, the skin peels, itches, touching it causes discomfort. This type of epidermis is defined as dry. In today's article we will discuss the causes of dry skin and how to treat it.

Why does skin dry?

In adults

Sometimes the reason lies in heredity. However, the most common problem is caused by external factors, improper care, and certain diseases. Consider the main causes of dry skin.

Over time, the dermis loses the ability to retain moisture, the sebaceous glands produce less secretion that binds water molecules.

Hormonal imbalance

If the substances responsible for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland are reduced by the pituitary gland in the wrong proportion, the function of the external secretion glands is disrupted.

Adverse climatic conditions

Wind, frost, low humidity, constant temperature drops injure the epidermis, inhibit its protective functions, “suck” moisture from the cells.

Stay in the sun without protective equipment

The ultraviolet rays literally evaporate moisture from the tissues of the dermis, which leads to its early aging and, as a result, dryness.

Overuse hygiene procedures

Daily use of hot baths and frequent washing with a hard washcloth lead to the fact that the skin is removed from the natural protective layer. Sebaceous glands do not have time to make a secret. Disturbed lipid metabolism in tissues.

Long-term medication

Antibiotics and diuretic drugs remove urine from the body. Together with it, not only toxins are removed, but also all the water reserves.

Improper care

Cosmetic preparations, selected incorrectly, dry the skin. Daily use of alcohol-based products, caustic soap, abrasive peels violate the lipid barrier of the epidermis.


Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes, kidney disease – the "best friends" of dry skin.


The genetic factor is significant. The likelihood that parents will pass on their own skin type to the child is high.


Women carrying a child face the problem of dry dermis due to hormonal storms inside the body.


Lowering the level of the hormone estrogen during the restructuring of the body after 45 years is one of the main causes of dryness of the epidermis in adulthood.

Insufficient water consumption

A day needs to absorb at least 1.5 liters of water to maintain a healthy pH balance of the dermis. This amount compensates for the natural loss of fluid that is excreted from the body through sweat, urine. If this rule is not fulfilled, the epidermal tissues do not receive a sufficient amount of moisture and dry out.

Nutrient Deficiency

A poor diet, and as a result, a lack of important fatty acids and vitamins adversely affect the condition of the skin.


Epidermis may react dry to some foods. If other reasons are excluded, it makes sense to pass special tests for the determination of the allergen.

In children

Most of the reasons listed above are valid for children's epidermis. It should be taken into account that the delicate skin of the baby is not able to withstand external environmental factors with the same force as the dermis of an adult. Therefore, dry skin in children often occurs:

    when the child is constantly in a room with low humidity;
    if parents are too warm, not according to the weather, they wear a crumb (natural thermoregulation is disturbed);
    due to bathing in chlorinated water and using hygiene products not intended for children;
    when a child wears synthetic or wool clothing.

Signs of increased dryness

How to understand that you have dry skin of the body? First, it should not be confused with the dermis, which lacks moisture. Both normal and oily epidermis can be dehydrated. As a rule, these types of skin cover respond to a lack of moisture with a rash (on the shoulders, back, chest). Overdried skin rarely has acne problems. She is:

    has a tendency to cracking;
    peels off;
    looks pale, dull, coarse;
    rough to the touch;
    promptly reacts with reddening and burns to ultraviolet.

Holders of the dry dermis say that they constantly feel a feeling of tightness.

hormonal imbalance – one of the causes of constant dry skin of the body

How to care for dry epidermis?

Daily use of emollients for the body and salon care can eliminate the problem if it is caused by external factors.

Folk recipes

Dermatologists recommend taking baths enriched with various nutritional components once a week. Add to water:

    warm milk and honey – 1.5 l and 100 gr. respectively;
    chamomile decoction – 3 cups;
    sea ​​salt – 2 tbsp. l .;
    bran (oat, almond, rice) – 300 gr.

After the procedure, the duration of which is about 30 minutes, use a moisturizer. Remember that water should not be too hot.

Warm compress

Emergency help to the body. If the skin is unbearably itchy after being in the cold or the sun, soak a soft terry towel in a warm broth of lime or calendula and turn it around. The procedure promotes the opening of pores and stimulates the secretion of skin secretion. Be sure to use caring lotion after the compress.

Oil Wraps

Vegetable oils replenish the supply of nutrients in the cells, restore the healthy pH balance of the epidermis. Be sure to steam the skin before the procedure so that the pores open and the active substances penetrate deeper into the dermis. Then slightly heat any base oil (olive, almond, coconut, shea) in a water bath. Dampen a piece of soft cloth in it and lay it on the problem areas where the peeling and itching are pronounced. Turn around with cellophane film and rest in a lying position for 40 minutes. Wash off with warm water without soap.

If you are not allergic, enrich the warm base oil with a couple of drops of ether. They calm the dermis, relieve irritation, make it soft, velvety to the touch. The following oils are suitable for this purpose:

    carrot seed.

Banana Nutrition Lotion

Banana contains ascorbic acid, vitamins of group B, retinol. These components actively moisturize the dermis, eliminate signs of dryness and give comfort. Take:

    banana – 1 pc .;
    fat milk – 200 ml .;
    honey – 2 tbsp. l

Furry the fruit with a blender, combine with the rest of the ingredients in a heat-resistant container. Put it on fire, wait for it to boil. Strain through cheesecloth, let cool. Apply after taking a shower.

Creamy Milk with Glycerin

You will need:

    cream fat content of 33% – 100 ml .;
    glycerin – 2 tsp;
    Almond oil – 2 tbsp. l .;
    liquid vitamin E – 10 drops.

Mix the ingredients in a ceramic dish. Rub in clean skin with soft massage movements in the morning and evening. Store in a fridge in a dark glass container.

Aloe Vera Moisturizer


    aloe vera gel – 50 ml;
    rose essential oil – 2 drops;
    coconut oil – 5 tbsp. l

Melt coconut oil in a water bath, mix with the other components. Regularly moisturize body cream. Aloe vera has the ability to permanently retain moisture in the skin.

Shea Butter Butter

Butter is a type of body cream. It has a more dense texture and a pronounced softening effect. To prepare the drug at home, you will need:

    shea butter – 200 g .;
    coconut oil – 100 g .;
    jojoba oil – 1 tbsp. l .;
    glycerin – 2 tbsp. l

Fold all ingredients into a blender and beat at high speed until a fluffy, smooth paste is obtained. Transfer to a glass jar with a wooden spatula, tightly close the lid. Put in the fridge. Wait until the butt hardens. Apply after a shower, gently rubbing the composition into the skin. In your fingers, the mass will melt, so applying it is a pleasure.

Cosmetic procedures

Dermatologists recommend combining competent home care with professional procedures. These services can provide in the cosmetology office. Experienced specialists will conduct a complete diagnosis of the type of dermis and find out which procedures will give the greatest effect.


A type of physiotherapy, during which the body is affected by weak current pulses. They gently, but deeply penetrate into the tissue of the epidermis. During the session, either the plates with electrodes are placed on the body, or they are exposed to special gloves with a massage effect. Impulses stabilize the sebaceous glands and provide a normal level of hydration of the skin. Additionally, they eliminate the extracellular space from toxins, stimulate the production of collagen by cells. The duration of the session is 1 hour. The effect is noticeable after 2-3 procedures, depending on the condition of the skin, they require 10-12.


Subcutaneous injections have a therapeutic effect on the dried dermis. They stimulate the lymphatic drainage system, the production of collagen, elastane, metabolic processes in the tissues of the epidermis. Increases the ability of cells to retain moisture. The mezokokteyli with hyaluronic acid and vitamins are injected with a thin needle into the upper layers of the epidermis. For some clients, the procedure brings discomfort.

Paraffin therapy

Body paraffin – wrap with the use of special cosmetic paraffin, enriched with nutritional supplements designed to moisturize the dermis. The effectiveness of the procedure lies in the fact that paraffin creates an air-tight film on the body, therefore moisturizing components do not evaporate from the surface of the dermis, but penetrate into it through the pores and remain in the tissues, softening and nourishing the epidermis with moisture. The session duration is about 1.5 hours.

Purchased products

Care products are best purchased at pharmacies. They are developed with the participation of dermatologists, therefore, more effective than conventional cosmetic creams with fragrances and marked "moisturizing". For adults, have proven themselves:

    Exomega Control, A-Derma ≈ 1200 rub .;
    Lipikar Baume AP +, La Roche Posay ≈ 1000 rub .;
    Crema Idratante, CaraVe ≈ 400 rub .;
    Seni Care, Seni ≈ 233 rub .;
    Cold Cream, Avene ≈ 1400 rub .;
    Stelatopia, Mustela ≈ 1200 rub .;
    Atoderm Cream, Bioderma ≈ 700 rub.

Soften dry children's epidermis will help:

    Cream Baby & Kinder Neutral, Lavera ≈ 600 rub .;
    cream for hypersensitive derma, Weleda ≈ 580 rubles;
    emollient balm for children, Mustela ≈ 1,300 rub .;
    Hidrogeeli lotion, Essex ≈ 300 rub.

oils and creams help to moisturize the skin, but it is also necessary to monitor the proper nutrition and use enough healthy products

Recommended food

If the body does not get enough water and nutrients, no creams and procedures will not solve the problem of dry skin. Therefore, do not forget that a day should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure, non-carbonated water. It will replenish the supply of moisture in the cells and contribute to the removal of decomposition products, toxins. Include in the diet foods that contain saturated fatty acids and vitamins that increase the production of collagen and elastane cells, and regulating lipid metabolism in tissues. Champions in the content of necessary substances:

    greens (parsley, spinach);
    olive oil;
    orange fruits and vegetables (pumpkin, carrot, papaya, mango, carambola).

It would not be amiss to remind you that you should comply with the measure of alcohol use and quit smoking. Ethanol and nicotine draw moisture from the cells.

If you are worried about the feeling of tightness, itching, peeling of the skin, most likely, your skin is overdried. In our article we told how to care for this type of dermis. If the tips did not help you, visit a specialist endocrinologist. You may need special medications to treat the ailment from within.

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