Eating fish will protect against asthma.

The incidence of asthma in the world is growing rapidly. So over the past three decades, the number of people suffering from this disease has increased by 50%. At the same time, the existing drugs do not help or do not fully help most patients. Consequently, interest in non-drug therapies is growing.


Many researchers explain the increase in the incidence of eating unhealthy foods. People are more and more eating the fatty acids, which are rich in vegetable oils. At the same time, the use of omega-3,which is abundant in seafood , is significantly reduced . In this regard, doctors urge to use as little fast food as possible. Since the regular use of “fast food” in the body causes an imbalance: the normal proportion of omega-6 and omega-3fatty acids is disturbed, which can lead to asthma.


Australian scientists from the University of James Cook led the results of a new study to support this theory. On the Green Continent, people, like everywhere else, eat more and more McDonald food. However, there are still places where there are no burghers and french fries. These are usually poor fishing villages. Experts conducted a study examining the health of the inhabitants of one of these villages. The population eats mostly seafood, therefore, a lot of omega 3 and gets little omega 6 from food. It turned out that the incidence of asthma is 70% lower than the national average. Scientists believe that the benefits of eating fish are obvious.


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