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Diet is crucial in losing weight. On the pages of the press nutritionists told what products play the role of fat burners for the body.

Almond. This nut is saturated with healthy fats, the processing of which contributes to the removal of old fat cells from the body, as well as accelerates the body's metabolism. The recommended daily intake is 43 g or about 30 nuts.

Milk products. The use of “milk” helps the body more effectively absorb nutrients from food, which is important for accelerating metabolic processes. In addition, whey due to the proteins contained in it promotes the development of muscle mass, which requires additional calories, and, therefore, burns fat.

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Green tea. Among the products that act as fat burners, caffeine is considered one of the most active experts. At the same time, experts warn that caffeine is not better absorbed from coffee, but from leafy green tea, so drinking such tea to lose weight is more effective. Green tea leaves, in addition to caffeine, also contain a lot of catechin – the combined effect of two substances especially strongly stimulates the metabolism and the processing of fat accumulations into energy.

Hot peppers. Pepper-flavored spicy foods contain ingredients that literally melt the fat in a person’s body. Moreover, the substances contained in hot pepper have a positive effect on the arteries, protecting them from the accumulation of plaques that can lead to the development of atherosclerosis.

Oily fish. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, anchovies, herring, sardines are saturated with omega-3 acids – these are the substances that help to get rid of excess fat deposits more actively. In particular, they improve the body's insulin sensitivity and reduce the level of inflammation that stimulates the growth of adipose tissue.

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