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The study showed that inhaling large amounts of nicotine destroys stem cells, which later turn into neurons. And this has a very negative impact on the work of the main thinking center of the human body.

Scientists from the University of California at Riverside have found that electronic cigarettes that have become incredibly fashionable can damage the human brain. Consequently, they pose an additional danger to the millions of teenagers who acquire them. These purchases are made by young Americans under the influence of information that e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional tobacco products. However, these gadgets contain nicotine, and now it turns out that it represents a threat to the brain.

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During the experiments, scientists proved that inhaling significant doses of nicotine destroys stem cells in the brain. And if they were not destroyed, then they would later become neurons necessary for the implementation of all the basic functions of the brain. Therefore, the death of stem cells prevents the formation of new specialized brain cells. Of particular harm in this regard, electronic cigarettes are for adolescents who are still going through the developmental stage, and for pregnant women in whose body a new person is formed.

Electronic cigarettes themselves are less carcinogenic than traditional ones, and this is constantly proven by researchers. But the more science learns about the specific features of these gadgets, the more convinced that they absolutely can not be considered safe.

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