Elegant reliability of sports watches

Regular training, sporting events, hiking, excursions, bike rides, fishing. All these activities unite millions of people. And at the same time, the usual rhythm of control and communication is made difficult: you don’t run for a long time with a smartphone in your hand. Most fashionable smart watches are quite fragile and not designed for extreme conditions. The optimal choice for an active lifestyle – sports watches with advanced functionality.Quartz long-livers
Unlike their electronic counterparts, which need recharging at least once a day, quartz models work without failures for up to two years and do not require power banks, laces or sockets somewhere in the mountains or in the forest.Ergonomic and practical
Sports models are developed by industrial designers, taking into account the harsh operating conditions: nothing superfluous, rubbing, sticking out and annoying. High-quality bracelet mounting, body with an increased class of reliability, impact-resistant glass – these are only visible parts of a complex mechanism. The main difference between sports models in special placement and additional fixation of all internal parts to compensate for frequent shocks and vibrations.

The moisture resistance of sports models is not ostentatious, but real: over 60% of products are designed for 10-20 ATM. Especially cool models have an index of 100 ATM.

Sports watches provide a clear image at any time of the day: developers provide watches with LED or electroluminescent backlighting and special light accumulators on the hands, numbers and marks.

Watches for an active lifestyle are adapted to any conditions:

– dirty;

– frost-resistant;

– impact resistant;

– resistant to magnetic fields.

Sports models do not necessarily look rude and brutal. Manufacturers of leading brands take into account that the owners of hours spend time not only on yachts and rafting. For office and urban everyday life, models in stainless steel cases or with particularly durable gold plating are ideal. For fine connoisseurs created models in titanium case with gold.

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