Elon Musk lost $ 770 million after the presentation of the Tesla electric pickup, which broke armored glass

Elon Musk's fortune declined by $ 768 million after the fall in Tesla shares. They fell due to the not-so-successful presentation of the Cybertruck electric pickup. It is reported by Forbes.

A businessman showed off his new invention on Thursday at an exhibition in Los Angeles. “You need a reliable pickup, not a fake. You need a pickup truck that can withstand hammer blows, a pickup truck that will not scratch or dent, ”Musk described Cybertruck.

Although the businessman talked about the bulletproof glass of a pickup truck, it crashed when a special metal ball was thrown at him as part of the demonstration. Moreover, from the second ball, thrown with less force, cracks went along the second window.

“For some reason, it’s broken, and I don’t know why. We will fix it later, ”said the head of Tesla.

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After such an extravagant demonstration, the price of Tesla shares fell by 6%, and Musk fell to 41 line in the online ranking of the richest people in the world according to Forbes.

According to experts, the situation was also exacerbated by the unusual design of Cybertruck. According to Bloomberg, 12 Wall Street analysts rated Tesla with a Buy rating, 9 with a Hold, and 16 with a Sell.

Baird analyst Ben Callot is positively focused on Cybertruck's innovative features. In his opinion, the broken glass at the demonstration is a “funny trifle”, which only “gave rise to jokes”.

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