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In addition to the iPhone 11 and two older models with three (!) Cameras, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 5 with a non-fading display, a new iPad (and a separate iPad OS operating system).

It is hard to surprise a resident of planet Earth who saw how heavy battery-powered cellular tubes turned into a six-inch screen computer. No, they have not yet been promised teleportation to us, Apple has not even paid attention to such a fashionable topic as bending smartphones. But then the company stopped raising prices and made sensible improvements to new models.

Phone 11, which replaced the iPhone XR, fixed most of the shortcomings of its predecessor, but it turned out to be cheaper. The initial price in the USA is $ 699 (this is $ 50 less than the cost of XR at the start last year).

The XR model noticeably lacked a second camera. For such an expensive smartphone, you can’t already be able to take pictures with double optical zoom. Apple made a knight's move: in the iPhone 11 it will be possible to make both a wide-angle frame (so that a large company fits into it) and an ultra-wide-angle frame (so that everyone fits when shooting at very close range). All cameras are 12-megapixel (two main, one front).

Photos will be processed by a new processor, the neuromodule of which can do a trillion operations per second. Beautiful figure. In practice, Apple promises to make vivid pictures taken almost in the dark, almost stereoscopic images and the ability to play with colors. It is especially interesting how high-quality shooting was done with poor lighting – with a lack of light, it was better for competitors.

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The iPhone 11 announced a new glass and better moisture resistance than the XR, as well as some fantastically bright matrix of the screen. Apple promises that face recognition in all new models has improved by 30%. Now the smartphone does not have to be brought to face.

IPhone names are getting longer. The older models – the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – received three cameras each and retained the size and resolution of the displays as in the previous XS and XS Max. But Apple immediately made it clear that the comparison would be in favor of newcomers, and promised greater brightness and greater color gamut for new models. They will flourish outside – the iPhone 11 Pro and Max will come in four colors (the younger iPhone 11 will have six colors at all).

Both the younger model and the two older ones promise unique video shooting capabilities due to the new A13 Bionic processor and its aforementioned neuromodule. But compared with the iPhone 11, older models will have more shooting options, as well as comparable to professional software, to edit the captured video on the fly.

Of the chips video – optical stabilization when shooting with a resolution of 4K on the main camera. It will be interesting to compare with Hollywood films on TV with a large diagonal – they are still usually sold in a format with less detail. And so that the front camera does not look like a poor relative, its resolution is raised to 12 megapixels and it adds the ability to shoot video on the front camera with slow motion playback. Apple named it slofies, combining the words slo-mo and selfie.

The cost of the iPhone 11 Pro model will be from $ 999, iPhone 11 Pro Max – $ 1099 in the minimum configuration.

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Prior to the iPhone 11, the fifth generation Apple Watch was the opening act. Now it is almost an independent device: the built-in GPS and electronic compass will allow you not to get lost in nature or give coordinates to rescuers in 115 countries.

The non-fading display will not make you stretch every time you want to see the distance traveled or the message you received. Energy-saving technologies will allow the gadget to work for 18 hours, like the previous model.

Chips can attract buyers, but Apple is looking for ways to make its smartwatch vital. The new fifth-generation Apple Watch supports new medical features: warning of excessive noise, the recognition of female diseases by cycle and biological data, as well as a heart study program. Even the previous model made it possible to measure the pulse and ECG, which made it possible to warn the owner about the need to consult a doctor. Now Apple seeks to expand the watch’s ability to prevent dangerous situations.

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