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Leaders of the European Union (EU) countries may decide to impose an arms embargo on Turkey. This was reported by four officials familiar with the discussion of the issue. This is reported by Bloomberg.

According to them, the decision can be made at the summit in Brussels on October 17-18. According to one of the officials, the issue of imposing an embargo was discussed at a meeting of European diplomats on Friday, October 11.

The representative of the Swedish Foreign Ministry said that her country would propose an embargo at a meeting in Luxembourg on October 14.

The imposition of an arms embargo at the EU level will require a unanimous decision of the union leaders. The representative of the Swedish Foreign Ministry said that Stockholm hopes to get support for its proposal, but can not speculate.

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Recall, Germany decided to stop the supply of arms to Turkey.

France will also not supply arms to Ankara while the Turkish military operation in Syria against the Kurds continues.

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