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The European Commission sees no reason for further negotiations with the UK on the Brexit agreement, and therefore fears the unregulated exit of the United Kingdom from the EU (Brexit) on October 31.

Representatives of the 27 EU countries who will remain with the bloc after the British exit informed that the demands of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are incompatible with the position of the European Union. Last week, Prime Minister David Frost met with European Commission experts on Brexit.

Johnson wants a revision of the agreement agreed upon by his predecessor Theresa May with the EU to exclude the backstop regime there, the purpose of which is to prevent the restoration of strict customs and border controls between the EU Member Republic of Ireland and part of the United Kingdom Northern Ireland.

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At the same time, Johnson expresses readiness, if necessary, to withdraw Great Britain from the EU without any agreement. The EU, which is satisfied with the deal in its current form, has already repeatedly rejected the idea of ​​new negotiations on an agreement on Brexit.

Earlier, the British government said that the European Union should give its main negotiator a mandate to revise the agreement on the country's withdrawal from the bloc, otherwise a tough Brexit will happen.

Recall, the head of the Labor Party's health policy, John Ashworth, said that the British parliament intends in September to block Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit) without any agreement.

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