Even small doses of alcohol violate self-control.

Drinking alcohol in small doses, people believe that they control the situation, but in reality it is not. Researchers found that in small quantities alcohol can influence the sense of self-control.

Drinking even about 0.5 liters of beer or a large glass of wine can disrupt feelings of will and self-control in healthy people. This statement was made by scientists from the University of Sussex (UK), whose opinion on this matter was published by MedicalXpress.

In the UK and Canada, 0.5 liters of beer and a glass of wine are permitted quantities for drivers. Scientists conducted an experiment in which they analyzed the ability of people to evaluate their actions after drinking. It turned out that “even one pint of beer” (about 0.5 l) is enough to change the neural mechanisms that provide a sense of will.

Experts said: "After drinking small doses of alcohol, the subjects were confident that they were in control of the situation, but in reality this was not so."

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According to researchers, the effect of low doses of alcohol on the body and on human self-control has important implications for the legal and social responsibility of drivers. They are convinced that for people driving, alcohol should be banned in any quantity.

Note that the researchers associated with the use of any type of alcohol, even beer, an increased risk of stroke, which begins to increase after a single portion of alcohol. Almost immediately after the ingestion of alcohol in the body increases blood viscosity, which contributes to the development of cardiac and vascular pathologies, scientists note.

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