“Every year they’re slipping new conditions.” Lukashenko criticized the alliance with Russia

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he doubts the expediency of an alliance with Russia. It is reported by Interfax-West.

“When you enter into some kind of association, you expect that every month, the year will not be worse than before. What is happening here (with Russia – ed.). Every year new conditions are pushed to us, and we constantly we are losing something in the economy, we are losing and are losing, "Lukashenko told reporters on Sunday in Minsk.

“Sorry, why the hell then needs such an alliance,” he added.

Lukashenko also said that he was going to run for the upcoming presidential election in Belarus, which will be held in 2020.

"I will propose my candidacy in this election, but if I feel that you are categorically against it, then of course I will worry, but, nevertheless, you must reject my candidacy in the election," the president said.

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Lukashenko emphasized that he would not be offended if he was not supported in the elections. True, he added that voters who value "stability and development" should still vote for him.

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