Exfoliant – what is it and what tool is better to choose?

For the skin to be beautiful, healthy, radiant, it is necessary to take care of it daily. One of the basic stages of care – competent cleansing. On the cosmetic market are many tools designed to cope with this task. In today's article we will talk about exfoliant. We will tell you how to use a beauty product and how to choose the best.

What is exfoliation?

Skin renewal is a guarantee of her beauty, youth. On the surface of the epidermis a horny layer is formed daily. It consists of dead cells that have served their day and performed all functions. At a young age, they can be removed with soft scum, scrubs. The skin of young girls perfectly regenerated independently. As you grow older, your skin's self-cleaning ability weakens. Day by day the epidermis becomes rougher, thicker. The skin loses its softness, elasticity, complexion becomes dull, gray. Therefore, it is important to clean it in time, removing dead cells from the surface. This process in cosmetology is called exofoliation, from the English analogue exfoliate, in translation – “peel”. The means by which the update process is carried out is called an exfoliant.

skin renewal agent

What are the advantages of the procedure?

This cosmetic beauty session:

    returns to the skin smooth, healthy, radiant color;
    accelerates and launches cell renewal processes;
    tightens pores;
    removes black dots;
    whitens pigment spots;
    smoothes fine lines;
    helps fight acne, imperfections;
    saturates cells with oxygen;
    improves blood circulation;
    reduces puffiness.

Operating principle

The effect of using an exfoliant depends on its composition. Each manufacturer is looking for the most successful combination of chemical compounds. They penetrate into the epidermis through the pores, dissolve and "corrode" dead skin cells. By washing away the product, you remove this “extra weight” from the face. Freed from ballast, the skin cells begin to actively divide. They replace voids, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating irregularities, scars. The effect of the procedure is noticeable literally after the first application.

What is included in exfoliants?

The main active ingredient of the drug to update the epidermis is acid. The manufacturer may include in the composition of one such component, or their effective combination.

AHA acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids activate the epidermis renewal processes. The group includes acetic, tartaric, lactic, glycolic acid. They are extracted from vegetable raw materials or milk by synthesis. These acids are water soluble, they are more suitable for the care of dry, dehydrated, aged skin with pigmentation. Alpha-hydroxy acids not only cleanse, but also rejuvenate the skin.

BHA acids

Betahydroxyacids are designed to fight acne, imperfections of the skin. Their main task is to reduce inflammation, decontaminate, reduce sebum production and exfoliate the dead layer. The most well-known and popular in cosmetology BHA-acid is salicylic acid. It has an excellent antibacterial effect, eliminates redness, activates the healing process. It is fat soluble. This means that it is able to penetrate deep into the epidermis, not only remove dead cells, but also cure problem skin.


To increase the effectiveness of beauty products and make their use not only useful, but also enjoyable, manufacturers add various components (abrasive particles, fragrances) to them. This is not a complete list of possible additives:

    orange wax;
    coconut chips;

Types of beauty drug

By the intended use of funds are divided into intended for:


By the principle of action exfoliants are divided into:

    chemical – acid "solo" as the main substance for exfoliation;
    mechanical – with inclusions of abrasive particles of different size, structure;
    combined – contain both acid and coarse exfoliating particles.

Possible release form:

    cleansing gel;
    facial wash;

When to use the tool?

Most girls ask: "When is it better to apply an exfoliant?" Some people think that it works better at night, others prefer the morning exfoliation procedure. Both opinions have the right to exist.

    Removing a layer of dead cells in the evening improves the performance of night creams and masks. They penetrate deeper into the cleaned pores, are more productive from the inside.
    The use of drugs in the morning helps to smooth makeup. It lasts longer on smooth skin.

Famous dermatologist Harold Lancer, who is approached by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, believes that the morning exfoliation procedure is better suited for owners of fat epidermis. At night, the sebaceous glands actively produce fat, so the use of exfoliating agents in the evening on oily skin may not give such a noticeable effect as you would like.

Who is contraindicated cosmetic products with acids?

Beauticians warn that acid exfoliants cannot be used in certain cases.

    Any mechanical damage (fresh wounds, cuts, herpes, eczema) is a taboo for using these remedies. Acids will only aggravate the situation, will cause an aggravation of inflammations, infections.
    You can not use drugs in the summer, when the sun is active. Their use can cause burns and cause hyperpigmentation.
    Individual intolerance, as well as increased sensitivity of the skin, is also a contraindication to the use of exfoliants.
    Pregnancy and lactation are good reasons to temporarily abandon concentrated preparations. Acids can harm the fetus and the body of a newborn.

Secrets of successful application

Choosing this care product, consider the peculiarities of your skin type and care for it.

    Not every epidermis tolerates the effects of AHA and BHA acids. They cause irritation, increase sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, prone to redness, allergies, exfoliant with a high concentration of acids, most likely, you will not work.
    Exfoliate oily skin in the morning. Dry and normal before bedtime.
    Dry epidermis is subjected to exfoliation no more than 1 time in 2 weeks.
    For skin prone to rashes, use gels and creams with BHA-acids.
    Night cream with alpha-hydroxy acids are suitable for fading, age-related epidermis.
    The softer your skin, the milder the product should be. Be careful with formulations containing abrasive particles of large size. They can scratch the face. The best option for a sensitive type is gommage.
    If you use care with retinoids in the composition, conduct an exfoliation procedure with a course (for example, every 3 months for 2 weeks). At this time, exclude products with retinoids to avoid burns.
    Be sure to wait until the product is completely absorbed if you use it in the morning. And only then apply makeup. Pores will have time to close, the particles of cosmetics will not fall into them and will not pollute the epidermis.
    Regardless of how active the sun is, use creams with a UV barrier when using exfoliants. In winter, the SPF factor may be slightly lower than in summer.
    Means with a high concentration of AHA-acid can only be used when the weather is cloudy, cool.
    Aggressive chemical exfoliants are applied by a course, according to the scheme indicated on the label.

How to choose an effective tool?

Carefully read the decal, which contains information about the cosmetic product.

    Trust only beauty products approved by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel. This is a community of respected dermatologists, doctors and cosmetologists. They analyze cosmetics compositions in detail from a scientific point of view, and make conclusions about whether to use this or that product.
    An effective remedy for age-related epidermis should contain 5-10% AHA and about 2% BHA.
    Exfoliants with AHA concentrations of more than 10% can only be used under the supervision of a dermatologist or cosmetologist, and should be correctly dosed. The slightest mistake in the amount of the drug can cause a chemical burn.
    On the label of a safe but effective chemical exfoliant, its composition is indicated in detail. At the same time, the AHA is at the 3-5 place in the component list, and the BHA is in the middle or at the end.

Popular Products

We will introduce you to the leaders of the exfoliating products in the cosmetic market.

For face

These funds effectively cleanse the skin, increase its elasticity, rejuvenate, give shine.

Lotion Purefect Skin Toner, Biotherm

Composed of zinc and kelp algae extract. They gently and gently cleanse and treat the epidermis. With each application, the imperfections of the skin disappear, the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases.

Purefect Skin Toner, Biotherm
Cream mask with fruit acids, Bark

This "hit" pharmacy care Russian production. Pledge of clean, radiant skin. Recommended for course and regular use from early autumn to mid-spring. In the composition – lactic, tartaric, glycolic acid. They effectively clean the epidermis, discolorate age spots, smooth fine wrinkles.

bark mask
Exfoliating Salicylic Acid, The Ordinary

BHA-acid and witch hazel water cleanse the pores, relieve any type of rash, even the tone and relief of the epidermis. The components work both superficially and in the inner layers of the skin, so the tool is recognized by cosmetologists as one of the most effective.

The ordinary
Exfoliating night cream with 5% AHA-acid, BingoSpa

The product is intended for evening use. It works at night due to the active penetration of lactic acid molecules into the deep layers of the skin. With regular use, the epidermis acquires a healthy glow, rejuvenates.

Fruit Acid Foaming Gel, ARAVIA

The product is recommended for problem skin prone to rashes. Lactic, tartaric, and glycolic acids in the composition thoroughly clean the epidermis and increase its susceptibility to moisturizing and nourishing cosmetic lines.

Brightening Exfoliating Gel, Lancome

The product with extracts of pineapple and papaya gently cleanses the epidermis from dead cells, evens out its relief, and lightens the pigment spots over time. Suitable for all skin types, gives shine.

For body

Exfoliating compositions for the body help to fight cellulite, improve blood circulation, heals the skin.

Scrub “Orange Blossom, Lavender & Pettigren”, Yves Rocher

Thanks to the sugar microgranules, it perfectly exfoliates the keratinous layer of the skin. Does not injure, works carefully, but effectively. Girls especially like the magical but unobtrusive scent of nature, which exudes a remedy.

Yves rosher
Apricot Dew shower gel exfoliant, Valeve

Cleansing gel is used during the adoption of morning or evening water treatments. Circular, massage movements actively massage problem areas. Active active particles: jojoba wax, apricot fruit extract.

Body Exfoliate Scrub with Marzipan, MIXIT

The extract of green tea in the composition is responsible for the stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system, vitamin E removes toxins, eliminates excess water. After application, the skin becomes perfectly smooth and even. Coffee granules polish it, relieve not only from the stratum corneum, but also from cellulite.


In the article we told what an exfoliant is and how to choose this remedy correctly. Remember that deep and high-quality peeling is the key to a beautiful, even skin tone, radiant complexion, youth. Do not neglect the use of this preparation by the beauty industry, include it in the ritual of personal care.

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