Experts identify the most dangerous passwords in the world

In today’s digital era, when most consumers are more or less versed in computer and smartphone settings, we can assume that the quality of passwords has improved. But recent research shows the opposite: dangerous and easily guessed passwords are still used by millions of users around the world.The report of the National Cyber ​​Security Center of the United Kingdom (NCSC) analyzed passwords found in public databases of hacked accounts to find popular words, phrases and strings. It seems that the worst password from 2018-2019 – 123456 – remains the most popular, which is found in more than 23 million accounts. The second most popular combination turned out to be not much better – 123456789. Also, the top 5 includes such insecure passwords as “qwerty”, “password” and “1111111”.

Then it turned out that people tend to use their names as passwords, the most popular of which are “Ashley”, followed by “Michael”, “Daniel”, “Jessica” and “Charlie”. And when it comes to using group names, Blink182 is the most common, followed by 50cent. “Superman,” meanwhile, is the most popular name for a fictional character, used as a password.

Most users do not even suspect that it is impractical to reuse the same credentials on different websites. Even Mark Zuckerberg was guilty of this practice in the past, when millions of Facebook account data were stolen by hackers because of the neglect of this unspoken rule.

Of course, remembering a few passwords is not easy, so the best solution is to use a password manager like LastPass or Roboform. It is also advisable to enable two-factor authentication wherever possible, but the most important thing is not to use extremely simple passwords – hackers use them primarily for hacking.

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