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A group of researchers from Bispeberg Hospital (Denmark), together with employees of the University of Aarhus and Copenhagen, offer their patients a completely new diet.

According to them, patients with type 2 diabetes are characterized by a reduced carbohydrate content with a high content of proteins and fats, which improves glycemic control (the ability to regulate blood sugar).

A study of scientists published in Diabetologia. Experts explain that the new diet contradicts the generally accepted dietary recommendations for such patients.

The study lasted 12 weeks. It was attended by 28 patients of the Bispeberg Hospital with type 2 diabetes. Patients followed a standard diabetic diet for 6 weeks, and a new one for another 6 weeks.

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The researchers concluded that a diet low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and moderately high in fat improves glycemic control by lowering blood sugar.

According to doctors, when a patient follows such a diet, he has a reduced fat content in the liver. Also, a carbohydrate diet has a beneficial effect on fat metabolism. It is useful for patients with type 2 diabetes, even if it does not lead to weight loss.

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