Finnish company presented a car key for half a million euros

The Finnish company Awain presented a limited series of keys for supercars, which are decorated with precious stones. Each piece is made with the involvement of watchmakers and engineers, and the most expensive one costs more than the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.

The basic model of Quantum is equipped with 354 diamonds, the total weight of which is 3.45 carats, and its price is 49,000 euros. The most expensive option is called Phantom and the price of 500 thousand euros. It is decorated with diamonds weighing 34.5 carats or 7.1 grams. The body of each key is 175 grams of 18- or 24-carat gold.

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Precious metals, precious woods, precious stones and genuine high-quality leather are used to finish Awain keys. The process of creating one copy takes 100-300 hours. All operations are performed only manually.

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