For the first time in the world, an AIDS patient sacrificed his kidney during his lifetime.

On March 25, in the USA, surgeons performed the world's first kidney transplant operation from one HIV-infected patient to another. The operation took place in the medical center. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, reports the publication "BBC".

Until now, people with HIV infection were forbidden to donate a kidney, because it was believed that if there was a virus, a donor with one kidney would not survive. But now, with the use of antiretroviral drugs that significantly reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the body, the situation has changed.

“For the first time in the world, someone who lives with HIV is allowed to donate a kidney … Now we are simply monitoring long-term results,” say the center's doctors.

The 35-year-old Nina Martinez from Atlanta became a kidney donor, who decided to “change someone’s life and also resist the stigma that often surrounds HIV infection.” According to her, she showed her act to society that people infected with HIV can also donate organs.

The patient who wished to remain anonymous, "is incredibly grateful for this gift." Both he and the donor feel good.

“I knew that I was the one they were waiting for,” Nina told the publication. “For anyone who is going to follow my example, this is doable.”

Surgeon Dorri Segev from the center noted that about 1,000 HIV-infected patients are awaiting donor organs in the United States. Until now, they transplanted organs from deceased HIV-infected people.

Although doctors are afraid that the transplantation of donor organs to a patient with a different strain of the virus will cause complications, but so far no such cases have been registered. According to doctors, permission for HIV donors to donate their organs will result in 500-600 potential donors annually.

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