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A symbol of self-expression at the peak of fame and elegance.

Different ages – different femininity, but even in everyday life she manages to undergo significant changes: mood and state of mind, people who surround a woman and events that bring their life to life adjustments determine her image here and now: carefree, energetic, romantic or martial – the line of Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume tells in detail about such multifaceted femininity.

Following the three editions of Swarovski, Velvet Fatale and Dot Drama, perfumer Louise Turner reveals the fourth – completely different – facet of the modern féminité that Glorious Gold calls: this is the image of a real diva, secular, sophisticated, knowing what she wants, and confident in their desires.

The idea of ​​independence and rebellion fades into the background: in the center is a difficult path along the blade of a knife – between good and bad, light and shadow, which reveals the ambivalence of the character of a modern girl. But the main thing in it is inimitable expression: it is it that is enclosed in a sparkling gold bottle with notes of sambac jasmine petals, faceted by the light sound of tuberose and a delicate tone of tonka beans, a strong aftertaste of cocoa and coffee.

The new glorious girl was the invariable ambassador of fragrance Carly Kloss – brave, adventurous, knowing all the subtleties of the brilliant secularism “from” and “to”, inspired by the heritage of the Carolina Herrera brand and the glamorous energy of the Upper East Side – at the peak of her youth, fame and elegance.

“Good Girl Glorious Gold is sensuality wrapped in brilliant energy, it is the confidence that comes with fame.”

From the official fragrance press release

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Glorious Gold

Perfumer: Louise Turner

Top notes: jasmine sambac, tuberose, tonka bean

Recommended price: 10 185 p. (80 ml.)

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