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The case when the “fragrance dedicated to a strong and self-confident woman” is not a metaphor.

It is not known whether Laskarina Bubulina was keen on strong alcoholic drink, but it was her among the many that the cognac House Frapin chose as the object of its scrutiny. Need to It should be noted that Frapin brand perfumery is not inferior to alcohol products – for all skeptical fragrances, they also differ in aesthetics, pronounced selectivity and depth of thought. The only difference is used exclusively for outdoor purposes.

Laskarina has a different look for femininity. When your muse is the only lady-admiral of the navy and the heroine of the Greek revolution of 1821, it is somehow absurd to talk about the notorious sensuality and the next facet of sexuality. Becoming a rich widow in 1811, the girl invested all of the inheritance in the navy of Greece and the rebel army to repel the attacks of the Turkish conquerors. Being married to a participant in the Russian-Turkish war, tsarist Russia also highly valued her incredible courage. After the construction of the corvette "Agamemnon" of 18 guns, Emperor Alexander I even assigned her the title of Admiral of the Russian Fleet and bestowed a Mongol sword as recognition of his achievements. The Greek historian Philemon wrote about a determined-minded woman: “Next to her, indecisive people become strong, and the courageous in front of her retreat …”.

House Frapin commemorates the great woman, creating a strong-willed fragrance. His wife, mother, entrepreneur, warrior and adventurer, she had all the qualities of early feminists – ruthlessness, courage and self-confidence. Laskarina is not just a fragrance for a strong woman, it is a kind of reminder that you are able to move mountains. The perfumer Amelie Bourgeois, in order to reflect all the inconsistency of the image of the heroine, collected floral and spicy notes in the composition, playing on the contrast of their softness and vigor.

The fragrance can be called the embodiment of an iron fist in a velvet glove. Perfume chord opens with fresh and sweet notes and explodes in the heart of the bright consonance of pepper and amber.

From the official press release of the fragrance

Fragrance Laskarina Fragrance

Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, pear sorbet

Heart notes: orange blossom, Bulgarian rose

Base notes: frankincense, black pepper, toffee, ambroxan

Price: 12 400 rub (100 ml)

Where can one buy: (available from July)


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