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The object of desire is the future.

Time runs forward, and this makes us rethink the past, become different, but always remember the most valuable. Several perfumers – and all women – worked on the creation of a new generation of Lancôme fragrance. After all, the matter concerned himself dear – roses, hearts and a symbol of the universe of Lancôme. And then extremely delicate work was required, which was trusted by three pros.

There is no flower more tender than a rose and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman. Multifaceted, ultrathin and shimmering in all shades of pink – a bottle of the new IDÔLE fragrance, which encompasses the quintessence of modern femininity, opens a new page in perfumery design – pleasantly surprises and leads a conversation about something completely new and promising.

The new femininity is a combination of the ideal and the modern, the elusive and precious, but always striving forward. In this light, perfumers saw the image of a woman of the 21st century. In the foreground is a rose, complemented by the peaceful sound of jasmine, and at the base languishes a spicy musk warming from the inside – a new variety of roses in a bouquet for a modern woman.

"Love at first sight, the look of first love."

From the official fragrance press release

IDÔLE by Lancôme

Perfumers: Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadège Le Garlantezec, Adriana Medina

Top notes: rose from Isparta

Minor notes: jasmine flower

Key notes: musk

Recommended price: 4999 p. (25 ml.), 7999 p. (50 ml.), 9400 p. (75 ml.)

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