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The thirst for power lives in every woman: all you need is to awaken her.

Woman and power are a dangerous but exciting combination. Mankind has witnessed many cases when it led to both a catastrophic and a successful outcome, and today it It becomes especially important, because a modern woman is masculinity in a feminine manner.

The world of Amazons, sirens and Valkyries breaks into modern life with an invigorating combination of magnolia, cognac and neroli. Not to subordinate, but to strengthen and emphasize – this is a new style of conquest and the quintessence of modern woman in power.

Establish your empire? It’s easy. Dictate your rules, rule undividedly, remember your calling and do not let criticism knock down the arrow of your compass. The magical trio of patchouli, musk and strong cognac give each facet of character to reveal with new strength and with a new purpose, which is born from its owner.

This is a hunt for fame, a vanity race and a big game in which diamonds break, skyscrapers tremble and a heart beats, and victory comes with a sweet and sour note of currant. Winning elegantly, subjugating beautifully and reigning royally, anticipating a new jackpot in the sound of a sweet orange and mysterious osmanthus – this is a sign of success for a real lady in a million.

“Amazingly audacious aroma.” The thrill of success. "

From the official fragrance press release

Perfumers: Anne Flipo, Jean-Christophe Herault

Top notes: magnolia, brandy, patchouli, neroli, orange flower

Recommended price: 4699 p. (30 ml.), 6699 p. (50 ml.), 8649 p. (80 ml.)

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