France does not want to give new delays in the UK in the issue of Brexit

The French authorities have a negative attitude to the new extension of the terms of Brexit (UK exit from the European Union), postponed after the April summit on October 31 This is reported on Friday by AFP, citing a source in the Elysian Palace.

“We definitely shouldn’t allow ourselves to be delayed in a series of repeated renewals (the term for leaving the EU),” he said.

“It’s strange and controversial, but the British will take part in the elections to the European Parliament, and it’s hard to believe that this process will end before May 23. The European elections may be a political shock that will lead to a multilateral agreement by June 30. But if the situation does not become clear until 31 October, when the new European Commission will start work, we will not arrange a cycle of Brexit summits, ”the source added.

Initially, the country was supposed to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, but the deputies of the House of Commons three times rejected the draft agreement on the conditions of Brexit. Then Brussels granted London the so-called double deferment of Brexit until April 12 and May 22. The first date implied the exit of Great Britain from the EU without a deal, and the second, on the contrary, gave additional time to complete all formal procedures for its ratification after the adoption by the House of Commons.

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May did not manage to bring the process out of the political deadlock, after which she sent the EU a repeated request to extend this deadline. Following the results of the held EU emergency summit on April 11, it was decided to postpone the Brexit date until October 31. The head of the British government then initiated negotiations with the opposition Labor Party to try to get the support of its deputies in the House of Commons and conduct an agreed deal through parliament.

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