French with stones – design ideas and photos on the nails

French manicure with pebbles or rhinestones is a universal trend in the beauty industry that has not lost ground for many years. He is chosen by brides, office workers and romantic natures who seek to emphasize the natural beauty of nails. In this article we We will share with you successful design ideas and a photo jacket with stones.

Advantages and disadvantages of coating

The sparkling stones and rhinestones decorating the neatly crafted nail plate look luxurious. They emphasize the extravagance of manicure and the imagination of its owner. If the master uses standard shades of stones – silver, golden, transparent, the result is a sophisticated and everywhere appropriate work. With such nails you can go on holiday and in the office. This design has one significant drawback – it is short-lived. With careless handling, as well as during household chores, pebbles cling to other surfaces and fly off. If the quality of the adhesive base is low, the decor may fall off without mechanical impact.

nice colors and large stones



focus on ring fingers

square nails



French fashion manicure ideas with stones

Classic white

At the same time, a gentle everyday, and at the same time festive, option. The completed classic jacket is covered with a transparent top, rhinestones are “planted” on it, and then they are fixed with another layer of finish. It looks equally well on a square and oval nail plate and any length.

Black and white with rhinestones

Complete the classic version with black longitudinal stripes, the tips of which complete sparkling pebbles. This is a bolder, but at the same time appropriate manicure in any situation.

black and white design
With colorful stones

Unusually beat the classics will help multi-colored rhinestones glued around the edge of a smile. A great option for young stylish girls for the summer.

multi-colored stones
Fully Coated One Nail

If it seems to you that a jacket with pebbles on each nail plate is a rather clumsy combination, use rhinestones on only one nail, completely covered in tone. Lay with stones a cross, flower or ornate pattern.

full nail coverage
With monograms

A pattern of white lines intertwined in mysterious monograms, complementing the smile, will become a decoration of your image, if you design the pattern with small pebbles.


French with stones is an ideal option for a wedding celebration. It looks romantic and tender, but at the same time has a twist. Translucent, golden and silver pebbles in combination with pastel shades of varnish (pink, milk, cream, cream, soft lilac) look feminine and attract eye.

wedding option
Moon manicure with stones

The reverse jacket is the allocation of the prong nail, and not the smile on the edge of the nail plate. It is often called lunar manicure. It is suitable for nails of different lengths. It is better to use contrasting colors, or combine glossy varnish with a metallic coating. Pebbles spread the “border” of the hole and the main part of the nail plate.

Multi-layer antifrench

The difference between this technique and the lunar manicure is to use several shades at once to highlight the holes following each other. It is important to maintain a perfectly even distance between the lines and use 3-5 shades of varnish. It will turn out a beautiful "hump", which can be emphasized favorably with a pattern of rhinestones.

With the release of one nail

The French technique for coating the nail plate looks good in combination with one nail completely covered with stones. This option is short-lived, but it looks stunning. You will shine in the literal sense of the word.

ring finger
With spreading the picture

Manicure for a special occasion. It looks great at a birthday celebration, beach party, or vacation. On one nail (usually the ring finger), a pattern of rhinestone is laid out. The mass of options:

    various fruits (pineapple, apple, pear);
    twigs with leaves;
    patterns under the lace.

Polka dots

We are familiar with peas. On the main part of the nail, with an untouched smile, at an equal distance from each other, spread small crystals. It looks gentle and piquant. You can use pebbles of various formats to give nail art a twist.

polka dots

A matte top in combination with a french jacket looks fresh, unusual and intriguing. Complementing the work with rhinestones, you will get a unique design that your friends will envy. In this case, the main part of the nail plate cannot be left translucent. It is necessary to paint it in a tone contrasting to a smile, so that the design is noticeable with the naked eye.

matte design
Contrast French

Brave girls choose extravagant combinations – paint a smile with neon varnish or use combinations of red and black, blue and white. Add such a combination with stones – you will get catchy nail art, which you definitely will not meet with your girlfriend.

neon manicure

French with rhinestones – a wide field for the implementation of bold ideas. In order not to get lost in the huge variety of existing designs, use our article as a hint. Choose any of the methods we have proposed for decorating the nail plate with a jacket with stones.


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