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According to media leaks, General Motors may return the Hummer SUV to production. True, this time one of the Hummer models should be completely electric.

As HB has already written, at the end of 2018, the American company Chevrolet presented the all-electric version of the legendary COPO Camaro. In addition, for more than a year, Ford has threatened to launch its own electro-crossover based on the sports model Mustang.

The trend with electric cars in the USA has reached even the most brutal and wasteful fuel eaters – Hummer SUVs. The machine, which is based on special equipment for the US Army can return to the market with an electric motor.

According to the portal Auto Blog, anonymous sources close to the company General Motors, say that the leadership of the auto concern is planning to develop electric SUVs and trucks. One of the likely contenders for this role could be the models of the abolished Hummer brand.

It is reported that this decision was caused by a request for strong and large cars in the US market. Nevertheless, representatives of General Motors say that they will consider all possible models from the GMC line for their new electric vehicle.

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It is also known that the American Automobile Corporation is preparing a platform for the construction of electric pickups, but it is still unknown when they will be produced and supplied to the market.

Recall Hummer sales declined significantly after rising fuel prices in the late 2000s, and the company was declared bankrupt in 2009.

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