Germany believes that Steinmeier’s formula should break the Minsk process from a dead end

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Lithuania, Heiko Maas and Linas Linkevichus, discussed the likelihood of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass.

They reported this to media representatives after the talks in Berlin.

"We talked about resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which remains a priority for us. This would have a positive impact on the entire region," said Meath.

According to him, the "Steinmeier formula" should bring the Minsk process out of the impasse and "put it on the rails."

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As Maas assures, Germany and France have been quite active recently in preparing the meeting in the "Norman format." He is sure that “tangible steps that are at the political level” should also be followed by steps that will have a positive impact on the local population in the Donbass.

Maas noted that it is necessary to “force both sides” to fulfill obligations.

Linkevicius, in turn, said that "it is very important to emphasize that we must support this country (Ukraine) in a very difficult situation, despite the problems that we face at home and in the international dimension."

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