Google completely changes Chrome browser

Google is preparing important changes in the appearance of the Chrome browser. In the earlier version of Chome 75, the search giant introduced two major innovations in design and graphical user interface. We are talking about the support of dark design and the ability to install wallpaper on the home page.It is also reported that this is only part of the future global innovations that have been added to the browser. Earlier it was reported that Google will add to Chrome 75 a system of protection from surveillance by sites: a system will be introduced that will alert the user if any site tries to connect to the sensors and sensors of a laptop or tablet.

There is also information that Chrome 75 will receive a bookmark bar on the start page like Opera or Safari. Now this function can be implemented only with extensions like Speed ​​Dial.


Recall that in Chrome 74 promised the possibility of changing the design, depending on the theme of the operating system. So far, only Windows 10 support has been implemented, which should receive full dark and light themes after the April update.



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