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Google Inc. earned $ 4.7 billion in news content in 2018. This amount is approximately equal to the revenue of the entire online news industry in the United States.

It is reported by News Media Alliance, citing an analysis conducted by consulting company Keystone Strategy.

"An analysis by the strategic and economic consulting firm Keystone Strategy shows that Google received about $ 4.7 billion in revenue from news content in 2018," the report said.

According to the study, from 16% to 40% of Google search results are news content. In this case, it is noted, the actual figure may be higher, since many of the various ways Google benefits from news content are difficult to quantify, including advertising revenue and data that Google receives from news sites.

The study showed that Google’s minimum revenue from distributing news content is only $ 400 million less than advertising revenue for the entire US news industry ($ 5.1 billion).

Also, the News Media Alliance report emphasizes that the study began at a time when the Judicial Committee of the US House of Representatives began its investigation of antitrust issues in the field of technology. The first hearing on this issue, entitled “Online Platforms and Market Power, Part 1: Free and Diverse Press”, is scheduled for 11 June.

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The study notes the growing dependence of the news media on large technologies, and that companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple receive disproportionate benefits.

“News publishers should continue to invest in quality journalism, but they cannot do this if platforms take what they want without paying for it. Information may be free, but journalists need to pay, ”said David Cavern, News Media Alliance President.

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