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At the annual developer conference Google I / O 2019, which was held in Mountain View, the search giant introduced a new version of the mobile operating system Android 10.0 Q, which moved into the third stage of the beta test.

Together with Android Q Beta 3, Google showed new, cheaper smartphones Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, and also spoke about new developments in the field of machine learning and software.

Android Q, which at the time of the full version will be called Android 10.0, was first announced back in March 2019. The operating system is still in beta testing. According to Google, the beta versions of Android Q already contain more than 50 features and improvements related to user privacy and security. Google stressed that Android Q is focused on innovation, security and privacy, as well as digital well-being.

The company added a number of useful innovations in the new version of Android, including a modified application permissions management system, which now allows you to restrict access to a location or files in the background. Another noticeable update to the user allows applications to run on top of other applications as pop-up windows that can be minimized to a circular icon.

The company mentioned that Android Q is "this is the first operating system that supports 5G." Qualcomm and Google have worked together to support 5G for Android Q. Speaking of future technologies, Android Q Beta 3 continues to improve support for foldable smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. On flexible screens, the application will automatically switch to a split screen in which it was just in the folded display.

Also, the new version of the operating system supports a dark theme, which allows to reduce battery consumption on OLED-screens, as well as less load on the eyes in the dark. Android Q will support detailed management of the user's location information. The system will explicitly display applications and their settings related to location tracking, while the user can allow a specific application temporary access to a location (for example, to call a taxi).

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Android P and Android Q in 2019 will receive focus mode. This is an analogue of silent mode, in which, however, you can set important applications, and they will be allowed to disturb the user – for example, you can leave notifications enabled only for SMS messages.

Most importantly, Google promises that Android Q will receive important components for the operating system in the background, just as Android updates applications today. This means that “recent security fixes, improved privacy and better consistency” will not require a phone reset.

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