Google is preparing a worthwhile rival to WhatsApp Messenger

Recently, Google closed its proprietary social network and Inbox mail service, which is now no longer usable in any way. However, the “search giant” is not going to take their positions at all. On the contrary, he refuses to use unpopular software development to create and offer the world something new and more comfortable. One of these things will be a new service for communication, which makes itself a “killer” of the WhatsApp Messenger.

It’s called Android Messages, and is based on RCS technology, which has a modern replacement for MMS and SMS. Due to this, the use of the Google Messenger from all users will be possible in any convenient way, without having to connect to the Internet, and to pay for it additionally over the fee for the tariff plan will not have to. For this purpose, the “search giant” has already concluded about five dozen deals with different cellular operators, including two Russian ones.

The feature of the messenger from Google is that it will be embedded by default in virtually all smartphones that are now on the market. It will be extremely easy to use it because you do not have to do anything. Will it be easy to install a SIM card in the smartphone, as soon after it all works automatically, that is, it will be possible to send messages and make voice calls to any other phones running on Android for free.

Users of this “killer” of the WhatsApp Messenger will also be able to send files, exchange voice messages and, moreover, make video calls, but this feature will only appear after some time. The basis for the new Google service will be the Android Messages Platform, which is currently installed on almost 3/4 smartphones in the world, and allows it to work with SMS and MMS messages. It is expected that the “search giant” corporate messenger will work in the next few months, that is, it should happen in 2019.

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