Gothic manicure – ideas for short and long nails

Gothic has long ceased to be associated exclusively with the youth subculture. Famous designers add the Gothic trend in clothing, accessories and interior. Do not stand aside and nail masters. We devote today's article to interesting ideas of Gothic manicure on long and short nails.

Design features

What is gothic in manicure? These are rich, dark, deep tones of varnish, monograms and ornate ornaments, sharp forms, stylish graphics, and a long nail plate. However, at the moment you can embody a bold gothic design on the nails of any length, the main thing is to choose a pattern with fantasy. This version of nail art is very popular with young people.

Color palette

The main gothic shade is black. But this is not the only tone used in the industry. For manicure in the Gothic style, the following colors are suitable:

    silver metallic;
    pure white;



Design examples


The option is suitable for extended or own long nails, reinforced base. Stiletto do on all fingers or one. To extend the master applies a high-quality gel on the nail plate. The composition is well dried under a UV lamp. After fixing, the natural nail is cleared of the gel and covered with a camouflaging base, extending the contour to get a French jacket. On the contour put another layer of camouflage, diluted with a transparent composition. Each layer is thoroughly dried. The tip is coated with a colorless gel, tinted "smile" with lacquer of the selected contrasting shade. The nail is placed in a special clamp to give it a sharp, regular shape. Deficiencies cut out.

moderate stilettos

long stilettos with spikes and crosses
Matte black

Incredibly popular solution that should be executed as carefully as possible. Black will emphasize all the irregularities and blemishes of the form. The cuticle and plate should be perfectly processed.

Black with red

The classic combination of black and red is preferred by confident and passionate ladies. The design is not suitable for office everyday, but it looks stylish at a party. It should be combined with the appropriate modest or classic outfit, so as not to look vulgar.

black and red with a grin

black and red with pentagram
With spikes

Already that season in fashion jewelry, bags and shoes with spikes. Neil masters offer to embody the popular trend on the nails of any shape and length. You will need a dark lacquer base and jewelry – cone-shaped beads or rhinestones of silver color. With this design you can go to a party or a concert. It is a pity that he does not live long and requires extremely careful handling.

Gothic French

On the nail plate, covered with white or translucent varnish, look good classic black "smile". This is a bright and contrasting version that attracts attention.

service jacket

It is performed on the same principle as the French jacket, but not the edge of the nail is painted with a contrasting dark one, but the nail hole next to the cuticle. Sometimes combined with the application of the cross of rhinestones.

Gothic ombre

Fashionable gradient transition can be realized using a combination of black and purple, burgundy and gray. This option does not require additions decor, it is self-sufficient.


If you are in search of an interesting minimalistic design, make a nail art with an inscription in Gothic font. Manicure with letters is always relevant and appropriate.


Luxurious Neil Art with a cross made of rhinestones or sparkles on a deep dark background is extravagant and elegant at the same time. He attracts the attention of others and highlights the girl from the crowd. The alternative is to draw crosses in a color that contrasts with the basic tone of the plate. The more interesting the shape of the picture, the more advantageous it looks.


After applying the base color on the plate, draw a spider web with contrasting varnish with a thin brush. The dried nail is covered with a transparent top that protects the manicure from chipping and cracking. Bold natures complement the drawing with the image of a spider.


Blood-red buds on a black background – classic gothic. This print is used by leading fashion houses. The main floral motif is a rose with thorns.

bulky flowers

floral print

Manicure with lace is created using stencils. They are applied to the nail plate, covered with the base color, and paint over the contour with black. Ornamental patterns finish with a matte or glossy top. Ornament decorate one or more marigolds. Lace look beautiful in combination with jacket.

With skulls

A rather gloomy, provocative and bold design, which is not decided on every girl. It is like those who are ready for experiments and are not afraid of the views of others. Embody the classic black and white version or add rhinestone. You can put an accent, putting a picture on one nail.

matte manicure – square shape

matte manicure – pointed form

Night motifs with silhouettes of trees and the moon look good on nails of any length. Depending on the place of work or study, choose the color saturation of the design. Combine matte and glossy textures to make the picture realistic.

landscape – graveyard

gloomy landscape

The base is black or white lacquer, which is used to coat the entire plate. On the base in a chaotic manner using a thin brush, scarlet tone, put strokes, strokes and divorces that simulate blood.

bloody manicure with vampire fangs for halloween

Do you want to embody one of the ideas described in our article, but can not decide to wear such a manicure in everyday life? Make a gothic nail art for Halloween, surprise friends and complement the image.


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