Graphic manicure – design ideas and photo on the nails

Graphic manicure is a modern design fashion trend, the principle of which is based on various variations of geometric shapes and abstract forms. We offer to get acquainted with the most interesting and original ideas of its execution.

Actual colors

Absolutely any shades are suitable for creating a graphic manicure. The most versatile are the following colors:

    coal black;
    light pink;
    Navy blue;

original design

black and white manicure

colorful design

green and yellow

black and bright accents

pastel shades

blue and white design


geometric design examples

tricolor design

discreet manicure

black pattern

geometric design ideas

red and white design

Graphic Manicure Options


French is a unique variation of a manicure of small length with a free upper or lower edge (non-standard version) of 2-3 mm, which is most often done in white or milky tones. Cover the main part of the nail with a soft pink color, and paint the middle of the snow-white pattern. Repeat the ornament through 1 nail.

service jacket
On short nails

Graphic manicure on short nails looks quite appropriate and uncommon. If you want to visually lengthen the nail plate, then use only dark shades (burgundy, wine, black or dark blue). Prepare the marigolds, processing them with a special soft nail file. Cover the base of the protective base and the selected gel polish. Using a thin brush, apply an arbitrary or patterned geometric pattern. It can be depicted on each finger or only on the 3rd.

With the effect of "broken glass"

To achieve the unusual effect of broken glass, you can use a shiny iridescent foil. Apply to the surface of the nail transparent base. Give it a little dry. Then cover the nail plate with any powdery shade. Without letting the varnish dry, in a chaotic manner, begin to apply foil pieces. Top paint over the protective composition. Dry under an ultraviolet lamp.

broken glass
With thematic drawings

An interesting idea of ​​a manicure with graphic animals, butterflies can be used on 3-4 nails or, for example, only on little fingers. Choose a suitable image: the silhouette of an elephant, a giraffe, a parrot or an elegant cat (it all depends on your personal preferences). Treat the nail plate base composition, cover with beige lacquer. Using a brush and black lacquer, draw the selected picture. Complete the design with rhinestones.

examples of animal drawings
On one finger

Graphics on one finger – minimalistic execution of a geometric manicure. Pick up a solid calm varnish: light gray, milky or pink. Cover the selected shade of marigold, and the surface of one can be made matte, and the rest – glossy. Then, for example, draw any abstract drawing on the index finger of your right hand. You can get acquainted with various variations in the online catalogs or in the nail salon.

single finger selection
With thin lines

To create such a decoration you will need the thinnest manicure brush. Cover your nails with a beige or any nude shade of gel polish. Apply refined lines with a thickness of less than 1 mm in black or graphite. Create interesting weaves and twists.

fine lines
Negative space

“Cosmic” translucent manicure with a depth effect gives any image a “zest” and mystery. You can make it yourself or in the cabin. Apply a thin layer of camouflage base. Give it a little dry. On one side of the nail, paint a neat strip of beige color, and on the other – a pale blue. If necessary, trim the coverage of the base. Apply protective strips to the borders between the colored areas. Paint over the middle area with a sculptural transparent gel to impart a small amount.

negative space
With different textures

You will need several varnishes with different textures (gel, with glitters, matte). Choose a pair of shades that fit together. For example, take black and beige. Cover your ring finger with a matte coal-black tone, sprinkle it with silver sparkles, protect it with a basic compound. Paint the rest of your fingers with a beige helium and matt varnish. Complete a few nails beautiful graphic ornament.

matt and gloss lacquer
With droplets

The simplest is a manicure with droplets. Treat the nail plate with a special nail file, cover it with basic protection, and then with a colorless varnish. Choose any dark shade. Consider the example of dark blue. Using a thin brush, using a ready-made template, draw a small drop in the middle of the nail plate. Repeat the pattern on each nail.

Street art

A feature of graphic street art is the use of bright saturated colors that are non-standard for this variation of manicure. Saw the nails, making them more elongated. Cover with white acrylic lacquer. Choose a pair of warm colors: yellow and red. Visually divide the nail plate into geometric zones. Paint each one with selected tones. For example, there is a yellow triangle on one finger, a red diamond on the second, and a red polygon again on the third.

Street art

Currently, there is a huge variety of graphic manicure variations. We considered the most popular universal options that will be relevant both in everyday life and at a solemn event. Choose for yourself a suitable design solution – surprise others with an outstanding appearance.


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