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The Diamond Casino update for Grand Theft Auto V Online appeared yesterday. But after the launch, the players were in for an unpleasant surprise – they cannot play the new game mode, as it turned out to be blocked due to gambling laws. 50 countries of the world were banned.

In the Diamond Casino mode, gamers are allowed to spend real money (to purchase in-game money) that can be spent at the casino, Rockstar Games has prudently restricted this function in countries where there are strict laws on gambling. Many were looking forward to the opportunity to play roulette or blackjack with all the dollars they earned in GTA V over all these years. When gamers tried to connect, they found that for most of them the casino was unavailable.

Game developers do not report in which regions access to the casino is denied. Therefore, the players themselves began to compile a list of all countries where the Diamond Casino is not available. For example, the gambling part of Grand Theft Auto V is not available in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Portugal, Argentina, Israel, Greece, Taiwan, as well as in Cuba and Cyprus. It is also worth noting that in Poland access to the regime is open, despite the official prohibition – players are recommended to use only at their own risk.

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Ukraine was not on the list, although in our country there is also a law banning gambling, which also applies to the Internet. Most likely the situation in our country with the game is similar to the situation in Poland – the law prohibits, but there is a gambling regime – use at your own risk.

Other users have discovered a loophole through a VPN, which may be a temporary solution. But in this case, gamers risk being blocked by the developer of Rockstar Games for violating the terms of use of their game.

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