Guess Paper 9th Class Computer Science 2018

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Types of computer, 3,4 Generation, Buses, Port, Printers, input Devices, Plotter, Note on Number System, Computer Code, k Map, Truth Table, Conversions, 1’s and 2’s Complement, page 94 to 97 and Demorgen laws.


Short Question Guess Papers


Note: The essence of the “theory of human capital” is that investments in education and health create human capital, just as the costs of equipment and materials create physical capital. The peculiarity of human capital in its inseparability from man himself, and investment in human capital – all those costs that lead to an increase in the skills and abilities of a person, and as a consequence, the productivity of his labor. Thus, investment in education is seen as an investment in the quality of human capital. “Human capital began to be considered as the most important component of national wealth. Experts of the World Bank conducted experimental monetary assessments of elements of national wealth. The results of the calculations showed that human capital dominates in the structure of national wealth, which is about 2/3 of its final estimate. Based on these calculations, the final conclusion was drawn that the main factor of reproduction is not the accumulation of material goods, but the accumulation of knowledge and skills. As the world experience shows, today the pace of economic growth is determined to the decisive extent: the pace and scale of the development of priority areas for the development of science and technology,  the level of training and qualification of workers at all levels, the degree of progressiveness of the means of scientific and industrial work. 

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