Gymnastics for the face of wrinkles – exercises Anastasia Burdyug and Carol Maggio


Gymnastics for the face – a system of certain physical exercises, the action of which is aimed at improving, strengthening, rejuvenating and improving the elasticity of the skin. We offer to get acquainted with the most popular copyright complexes.

Anastasia Exercises Burdyug

Anastasia Burdyug is a Russian certified trainer who teaches the course of facebook building (gymnastics for the face from wrinkles and tightening muscle tissue).

For face contour correction

Slightly open your mouth, covering his teeth with his lips. Pull the corners in different directions, not opening your lips, try not to smile. The duration of one approach is 40 seconds. With a burning sensation, relax your muscles and get some rest. Do at least 5-7 times. Perform this exercise every day for 6 months.

To strengthen the neck

Sit on a sofa or chair, not clinging, straighten your back. Grab the neck with your hands so that they rest against each other in front. Swing your chin, pushing it away with your palms. Spend at least 20 sets of 40 seconds each.

For pulling up your cheekbones and cheeks

Close tightly and strain your lips, stretching the “tube”. Use your index fingers to lift, and then lower your cheeks and upper cheekbones, while wrinkling and relaxing your nose. Perform 30 sets.

To reduce wrinkles in the corners of the eyes

With two fingers (index and middle), gently press the corners of the eyes, pulling the skin towards the temples, and then stretching it in the opposite direction. Spend at least 30 approaches.

For lip lift

Smile wide, tightly closed lips. In this position, raise and lower the labial corners, strongly straining them. Make at least 40 repetitions.

To align the nasolabial folds

Tighten your lips in the form of a clear oval, while not pulling them forward. At this time, use index fingers on both sides to massage the nasolabial folds as you move clockwise. Perform the procedure until the first burning of the skin.

To remove the “second” chin

Keep your lips hidden by your teeth. Start to open and close your mouth in a tense state. Repeat about 30 times.

To eliminate inter brow wrinkles

Perform the exercise lying or sitting. Place the little fingers between the eyebrows. Pressing your fingers on the forehead, lift your eyebrows up and vice versa. Hold tension for 10 seconds. Repeat about 50 times.

examples of exercises for the face

easy wrinkle complex

classic facebook

effective wrinkle exercises

Carol Maggio Exercises

Carol Maggio is the author of sculptural gymnastic exercises for the face from wrinkles.

For a forehead lift

Place your index fingers on the center of the forehead, pulling the surface towards the eyebrows. Try to move your arms over the brow, pushing them up. You should have a kind of resistance. Perform 10 repetitions.

For a lip lift

Pull the lips with a straw. And the teeth should be unclenched. Staying in this position, produce light tapping with the index finger in the center of the nasolabial fold. Repeat the exercise about 50 times.

For toning facial muscles

Slightly open mouth, tighten the lips inside. Raise your eyes up. Place your hands on your cheeks. Begin to perform smooth circular movements, leading from the bottom up to the temples. Spend at least 45 repetitions.

From the omission of the corners of the lips

Squeeze the lips in a smile, and tighten the corners. On both sides, place your index fingers. Begin to stretch your mouth in different directions, remaining in the above voltage for 20 seconds, then relax your muscles. Take about 30 approaches.

To correct the shape of the nose

Stand in front of the mirror. Using the index finger, lift the tip of the nose up, then lower it down. Reverse movement for 3-5 minutes. Perform at least 35 approaches.

To eliminate flabbiness of the neck contour

Lie on a flat hard surface. Place your fingers on the side of the neck. Fix the palm with a slight pressure in this position. Tear off the head from the ground by 5 cm. Concentrate on muscle tension for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 more times.


It is strictly not recommended to engage in gymnastics for the face from wrinkles to those who have a history of:

recent plastic surgery or any other surgical procedure;
injection skin tightening;
scars, unhealed scratches, abrasions, cuts, purulent rashes;
hypertonic disease;
high blood pressure.

With regular performance of all the above gymnastic exercises, the facial muscles are strengthened, the contours of cheeks, cheekbones, lips and eyelids tighten, small and facial wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes more elastic, supple and smooth. You will notice significant changes in 1.5 months after the first classes. Be beautiful, well-groomed, feminine and unique.

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