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Former head and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, in an interview with Village Global, admitted to the company's “greatest mistake” in its history. Gates admitted that he made the wrong decision regarding the mobile platform market, losing the primacy of Android and losing the huge market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

“The biggest mistake I made was because of my poor Microsoft management, as a result, we allowed Android to succeed. Android is a standard mobile platform not running on Apple devices. Microsoft had tremendous chances of winning. At that time it was space for just one non-Apple operating system. As a result, Android won, taking the $ 400 billion market back to it, "said Bill Gates.

In 2005, Google acquired Android "just" for $ 50 million. Former CEO Eric Schmidt acknowledged that Google’s strategy was absolutely correct in terms of the Microsoft mobile operating system with its Windows Mobile.

“We were very concerned that Microsoft’s mobile strategy would be successful. But Android ultimately killed Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, and became the equivalent of Windows in the mobile world,” said Schmidt.

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Gates' confession turned out to be discouraging. Many have suggested that Microsoft’s missed mobile opportunity was a mistake of Steve Ballmer. After all, as you know, Ballmer at one time criticized and ridiculed the iPhone, calling it "the most expensive phone in the world, and it does not attract business customers, because it does not have a physical keyboard."

Bill Gates is very sorry because of his strategic mistake. Billionaire noted that Windows and Office products are incredibly successful in the world, however, if it were not for the lost opportunity with the mobile market, Microsoft would not have become the technology leader that it is today.

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