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Scientists have refuted some of the most popular myths about heart failure. They also stressed that a significant number of people are not well aware of this life-threatening disruption in the work of the heart.

For example, 25% of respondents believe that patients with heart failure should not go in for sports. However, few people have heard that physical exertion is one of the means of treating this pathology. It turned out that a significant number of people put an equal sign between heart failure and heart attack, although the former is a chronic and long-lasting condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood through the body, and the latter is a sudden and dramatic deterioration in the heart’s work after the blockade his blood arteries. Heart attacks are usually caused by the death of a portion of the heart muscle.

Another common myth is that allegedly only older people fall ill with heart failure. In this case, about 4% of all patients with this pathology of the heart are younger than 55 years. Some are diagnosed as early as adolescence. Many people believe that heart failure means a cardiac arrest (which is observed in acute heart failure, but not chronic). In fact, this body now needs additional support to pump blood through the body.

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It's amazing how many people perceive heart failure as something not very serious. Unfortunately, three years after the diagnosis is established, up to 70% of patients with heart failure go down from life. Another myth is connected with this: in the presence of heart failure, the state of health will only worsen. In reality, the scenario of the disease is difficult to predict, and for each patient it is different. A person can take control of this pathology and even significantly reduce the severity of symptoms.

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