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Experts from the University of Purdue in the United States came to the conclusion that the addition of hot red pepper to food affects the feeling of hunger, dulling it and thereby reducing calorie intake. This conclusion was made after the experiment using cayenne pepper.

For a month and a half, pepper was eaten under the supervision of researchers by two groups of overweight people – those who love spicy food and not. Fans of spicy food consumed spicy red pepper six times more than those who were indifferent to the spicy taste of food.

As a result, it was found that calorie consumption increased in both groups against the background of consumed pepper.

“Even those participants who initially disliked pepper and added it to food very little, showed a decrease in hunger. Their appetite for fatty, sweet and salty foods has decreased markedly, ”the authors of the project stated.

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They also added that pepper is most effective as a means to reduce appetite and calorie intake helps those who do not usually eat spicy food.

Recall that in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract spicy food is contraindicated.

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