House of Lords supports early elections in Britain on December 12 | GoGetNews News

The House of Lords of the British Parliament voted in one night for the early election bill, confirming that Britain will go to the polls on December 12.

It is reported by Sky News.

"Holding elections will allow us to present plans to the public, giving them the opportunity to decide how they want to move forward and ensure that the new government has time before January 31, 2020," said House Leader Natalie Evans.

As noted, the bill, which consisted of one page, quickly passed through the House of Commons on Tuesday, after which two readings took place in the House of Lords, during which there were no objections.

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However, he should receive the status of the law after it is signed by Queen Elizabeth II. At least a week is allotted for this, because in order for the elections to be held on time, the parliament must be dissolved for the election campaign no later than November 6th.

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