How beautiful tan on the beach and in the solarium

Tan makes the girl visually slimmer. Therefore, many representatives of the fair sex tend to spend their holidays by the sea, and in the offseason, some visit the solarium. In today's article we will tell you how to get a beautiful tan on the beach and in the solarium.

How to get even tan on the sea?

Prepare the skin

If you have ultraviolet-sensitive skin, you should carefully prepare for your journey. Take 2-3 sessions in the solarium a month before the rest. The probability of burning will decrease, and the sun's rays will more “stick” to the body. Regularly do a soft peeling and moisturize the skin well.

Use SPF Tools

From the very first day of your stay at sea, use a body cream with a high degree of protection – SPF 40 or 50. After 3-4 days, go to a lower level. Greater smear places that burn faster – nose, decollete area, shoulders. So you protect yourself from burns.

Choose your tanning time correctly

The best time for sunbathing is from early morning until noon and after 4 pm to sundown. The midday sun is aggressive, the rays fall straight, "biting" the body. Chance to get a sunburn or blow. If you really want to lie on the beach all day, move to lunch under an awning, which gives a complete shadow. Do not sunbathe immediately after a meal. The skin can react with stress and the appearance of ugly pigmentation.

Take the correct position

Lay down on a chaise longue or towel so that the sun's rays illuminate the body along, warming the heels. The head should be kept slightly reclined. So you additionally protect your eyes, and the neck and neckline will not remain white. Every 10-15 minutes, turn over to evenly tan on each side.

Do not wipe dry

The sun loves moist skin more. After bathing, blot a little with a towel, removing large drops of water. Small droplets work like a lens, attracting ultraviolet light. So tan will appear clearer and faster. Swim or take a beach shower every 20 minutes to enhance the effect.

Remove accessories

Ugly white spots may remain from sunglasses, chains, bracelets. It is better to cover the eyes with a visor panami or hats. All jewelry before going to the beach must be removed. Do not forget to untie the strings from the swimsuit bodice when you turn your back on the sun.

Anchoring effect

In order not to start “peeling off” a week after the holidays, eat carrots and drink carrot juice. Carotene binds melanin molecules and prolongs the life of tanning. Do not forget to moisturize and nourish the skin, do not use rough washcloths and scrubs.

in order to get a uniform and durable tan, it is necessary to properly prepare the skin, to understand SPF creams, to properly allocate exposure to the sun or solarium, and to generally take care of the skin of the whole body

The rules of a beautiful and safe tanning in a solarium

Choose a good tanning bed

How to get a beautiful tan? This will help vertical turbo solarium. You can take a comfortable position in it, turn around, raise your arms. In addition, these cabins are as safe as possible and have additional functions – aromatherapy, sea breeze. It makes a beauty session more pleasant. Be sure to check when the lamps were replaced. Old lighting fixtures will not give the desired effect.

Do not wash or do hair removal.

Do not take a shower or bath with soap-based products just before going to the tanning bed. This makeup destroys the fatty film on the dermis, increases the likelihood of burns. Stand at least a week after epilation, so as not to tan spots and points. It is better to wash the day before a tanning session. During this time, the dermis will have time to restore the natural protective barrier.

Use special cosmetics

The salons offer a professional line of products that help you get a quick, even, bronze tan and skin care products. And still such cosmetics protects from burns. Do not neglect it.

Properly allocate session time

The lighter your skin, the shorter the first sessions of ultraviolet radiation should be. New lamps can cause a burn even after 2 minutes of visiting the booth. Be sure to ask the administrator for advice about the duration of the sessions. Salon workers are well aware of the power and the number of lamps. Do not rush to get a tan as soon as possible.

Include special foods and supplements in the diet.

After contact with artificial ultraviolet, orange fruits and vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, oranges) and juices from them help to intensify the pigmentation of the skin. Vitamin complexes with selenium and carotene make tan resistant, protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and prevent the appearance of stains. Include them in your diet if you plan to visit the solarium.

Remember contraindications

Some drugs, especially hormones, are not good friends with artificial ultraviolet. Carefully read the instructions, so as not to get out of the cab with the effect of vitiligo on the skin. Pregnant and lactating women with an unstable hormonal background, as well as girls in the first days of menstruation, are not allowed to use a tanning bed for the same reason.

Beautifully tan on the beach and in the solarium is quite simple. Follow our recommendations and get many compliments!


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