How to disguise bags, swelling and bruises under the eyes with makeup?

Dark circles and accountability do not adorn a woman. The face looks untidy and unhealthy. It is good that there are ways to mask bags, swelling and bruises under the eyes with the help of cosmetics. You will learn about them from today's article.

Why do bags appear and bluish circles under the eyes?

Thin, delicate skin around the eyes reacts sharply to negative factors. To provoke cosmetic defects can:

    chronic sleep deprivation, lack of rest;
    rare outdoor stay;
    lack of vitamins in the diet;
    bad habits (smoking, unreasonable drinking);
    passion salty, spicy food, especially at night;
    allergic reactions;
    genetic history;

The best means of masking flaws

If you are familiar with the problem of puffiness and circles around the eyes, replenish the makeup bag with the following products.

Cream and cooling stick

Special drainage cream relieves morning swelling. Keep the composition in the refrigerator, the cool substance will reduce swelling. For the same purpose, you can use the stick – roller applicator. It moisturizes the dermis, relieves puffiness, makes the look open and radiant, and in the long run keeps the skin young. The composition of creams and sticks often includes caffeine, which has an invigorating effect. It makes the skin "wake up", increases blood circulation and restores an even tone. In addition, the colorless cream will “clog” fine wrinkles, which will make it possible to further apply the tonal foundation exactly.


Do not neglect the transparent base. Special primers contain reflective particles that even out skin tone. They make the eyes open, fresh, rested, do not allow the foundation to clog the crow's feet around the eyes, level the dermis.

Concealer and corrector

Prefer a light texture corrective tool. Do not use makeup that is lighter than your own skin, it will further accentuate bags and swelling. Do not apply 2 layers of concealer so that it does not crumble and float during the day. Extinguish the product thoroughly so that the limits of its application are not visible.

A great alternative to concealer – color corrector. Cosmetic companies put on the market this tool in an amazing variety of shades, each of which performs its function:

    yellow – masks purple circles, protruding veins, makes skin tone soft;
    green – removes redness, spider veins, spots, irritations, allergies;
    orange and salmon – reduce circles and cyanosis;
    violet – levels yellowness, bruises, pigmentary spots;
    pink – hides traces of lack of sleep.

Proofreaders and concealers are made in the form of stick, brush, tube, palette. Choose the option that is most convenient for you to use.

contouring scheme

Loose powder

Crumbly powder in a jar is preferable to compact or pressed. It is applied with a special volume brush in order not to overdo it. Light particles smooth out skin irregularities, give it a haze and even out the tone, fix makeup.


The final touch of the makeup will be a dry highlighter. Pick the right tone of your dermis. Pale, pink shades are suitable for girls with pale skin, darker, brown and carrot darker shades. Dip the brush in a dry product, shake off the excess and run along the contours of the face contour, blend under the eyebrow. This technique will divert attention from the problem areas that could not be completely disguised with cosmetics.

Blush and lipstick

If you are unable to completely remove the bags, swelling and bruises under the eyes with makeup, try to draw attention to other parts of the face. Blush will add to the face of freshness, radiance. Bright lips will become an accent that will primarily linger on the eyes of others. This tricky distraction trick is used by many girls, and it works.

highlighter, bronzer, blush

makeup for different face shapes

6 face contouring options

on the left the correct application of a masking agent

An example of a common mistake masking swelling and dark circles

An example of makeup for masking swelling and circles

This algorithm of actions will help to hide cosmetic defects in the form of swelling and purple circles under the eyes.

    Apply under the eyes moisturizer for half an hour before applying makeup. Give time to soak.
    Take concealer on a tone lighter than your own skin. Use a thin brush to mask the crease under the swelling. Carefully blend the border after 2 minutes. Add a darker corrector below the lash line.
    Lightly powder your face with loose powder using a voluminous brush, paying attention to the area around the eyes.
    Apply a highlighter under the brow and cheekbones to divert attention from defects. Highlight the lips.

an example of evening make-up for masking bruises and swelling under the eyes

Now, thanks to the advice of this article, you know how to get rid of puffiness and traces of lack of sleep under the eyes with the help of cosmetics. It is always better to prevent the appearance of such defects than to mask them. Lead a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep, do not eat a lot of salty and spicy foods.


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