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Beauty experts share quick beauty tips. For everything about everything no more than two minutes. Time is running out!

Not a single economic crisis can be compared with the other collapse of our days – the total lack of time to manage everything. Just imagine that you managed to buy a new lipstick, but there’s absolutely no time to make up her lips – for real, in front of a mirror, with a brush and a blotter. A study conducted by the NPD Group portal shows the current situation: modern girls spend on beauty with their own hands no more than 14 minutes a day, compared with their grandmothers, who took at least 30 minutes a day to do this. The crisis is on the face – and since we are living with him, we are learning to be beautiful even faster: on the run, in between deadlines and saving the world.

Hurry hair

To gain time, you can always rule out air conditioning. “Enough after washing before drying, apply a few drops of hair oil,” says Diane Krueger stylist Adam Reed. When there is no time even for shampoo, always look for a ponytail escape. Use your fingers instead of a comb to give the maximum possible volume and texture in this case. Claudia Schiffer stylist Armin Morbach advises: “It is necessary to collect and fasten the ponytail at the highest point of your neck.” In a situation where the hair seems to be clean, but slightly dull, master dry shampoo in an aerosol. Spray it not on your hair, but on your fingertips. They carefully work out the hair roots for a lifting effect. If you have long hair, also use sleep time. Wash your hair at night and braid not a tight braid. In the morning, braid your hair, shake your head and sprinkle with a weak fixation varnish.

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Last-minute makeup

You can easily crank it, even if you overslept, or got up on time, but still did not have time. Do it in the car, waiting at the traffic light is enough. It is not necessary to cover the entire face with foundation, when you can simply mask the dark circles under the eyes and small pimples or spots. “Just use a concealer rather than a concealer, but a compact tone with a plastic and creamy texture,” says makeup artist Caroline Barnes. If time is running out again, a tinted lip balm will help to look fresh and attractive. “Apply it on lips and cheekbones, and be sure to use your fingers!” Reminds makeup artist Mary Greenwell. And yet – do not be afraid of monochrome. One shade of one product, for example, cream blush (bronze, copper, berry dark or delicate coral), applied to the lips as lipstick, cheekbones as blush and eyes as eye shadow, can work wonders.

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Everything to the bar

We propose to put aside the panic if the party begins immediately after work without going home. You can always refresh your makeup with the help of thermal water or even a moisturizer on top of the makeup (the skin will look rested, and you will be treacherously happy). You can always change in a second with minimal makeup, but with one bright detail: a very noticeable lipstick or creamy metallic eyeshadow. “Another salvation is a sequined top nail polish,” says manicurist Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Hoffman. It dries quickly, hides chipped old manicure and desperately shines.

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