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We have already learned how to fight excess weight, to build muscle, too, but few still know the secrets of getting rid of cellulite. What is cellulite and how to defeat it, we were told by Irina Solomatina, head of the training department [comfort zone].

What is cellulite and where does it come from appears

Cellulite is a pathology of subcutaneous adipose tissue, in which certain groups of lipocytes (fat cells), by capturing glucose, accumulate “untouchable reserves for a rainy day”. Usually they are deposited in characteristic zones – hips, buttocks, abdomen and can increase in size by almost 40 times.

These conglomerates of cells (called cellulomas) squeeze connective tissue septa, lymph vessels, and capillaries. Part of the fat cells is literally “squeezed” from the lower to the middle layer of the dermis, and tubercles appear on the surface of the skin, the relief becomes uneven and resembles an “orange peel”.

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Why cellulite is bad

Believe me, the external manifestation of cellulite is not as scary as the internal. As a result of a violation of blood microcirculation, an imbalance appears between the synthesis of fat and its breakdown: celluloses do not participate (!) In metabolic processes in the body, i.e. cellulite is, of course, not a foreign body, but already not an adipose tissue with an active metabolism. With cellulite, fat is "locked up" in the cells (there is no lymph and blood flow), and the body cannot use it, even when it is needed.

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Cellulite as a result of modern lifestyle

Most of the women who turn to cosmetologists for the treatment of cellulite “raised” it themselves: their lifestyle, habits, diet, chosen profession and so on, one way or another, the girls themselves contributed to the formation of the “orange peel”.

According to experts, the main factor in the formation of cellulite is a hereditary predisposition. However, there are other reasons that provoke the appearance of cellulite on the skin, namely: age-related changes; hormonal imbalance; thyroid and pancreas diseases; circulatory and metabolic disorders in adipose tissue; a sharp fluctuation in weight (after rapid weight loss, a woman already has cellulite just becomes more noticeable); lack of exercise (sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement, etc.). But most importantly, being overweight is not the cause of cellulite. Doctors divide cellulite into 3 forms: fatty, edematous, fibrous.

In addition, 6 stages of cellulite are distinguished:

"Soft cellulitis" (there is a slight swelling and swelling);
Swelling increases and the skin loses elasticity;
“Hard cellulite” (“orange peel” appears when skin is creased);
The “orange peel” is constantly visible, the skin becomes pale and cold to the touch, pressure causes pain;
– 6. The gradual growth of cellulite and an increase in the severity, cellulite appears on the forearms and hands.

It is believed that stage 1-3 cellulite is a cosmetic defect, and stage 4-6 cellulite is a pathology that requires qualified treatment. Depending on the type of cellulite and the stage of its development, cosmetologists offer patients a complex of various anti-cellulite procedures.

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How to fight cellulite

Modeling creams. The best tools for modeling the waist area contain active ingredients – lipolytics (caffeine, carnitine, fucus, etc.) that accelerate the process of lipolysis (breakdown of fats), they fight against excess adipose tissue. Means should be applied in ascending massage movements (up) to cleansed skin – after a shower and scrub.

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A complex approach. In solving the cellulite problem, the names “struggle on all fronts” are very important: a balanced diet, drink, physical education, cosmetic procedures, massage and hardware techniques, home skin care.

Time. Cellulite correction is a long and painstaking process. As a rule, it takes from 4 weeks to 3 months. The achieved results will need to be constantly maintained (repeat the course of anti-cellulite procedures 1-2 times a year) and follow the simple recommendations of a cosmetologist and nutritionist.

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