How to spend corporate

Over the past 10–15 years, it has become fashionable to organize corporate parties at work.

Corporate parties most often spend on the eve of holidays – New Year, March 8, etc. Summer corporate parties and those dedicated to the day associated with the activities of the organization, for example, the Day of Metallurgist, Day of Medical Worker, etc. are also popular.

It is believed that corporate parties not only help to relax and rest, but also contribute to the cohesion of the team, as at such events you can communicate in a free, friendly atmosphere.

Corporate parties are organized both in the office and in the countryside, sometimes renting country houses. However, the most common option is to rent a banquet room. Today, renting a hall for corporate parties is not difficult; banquet rooms in Orel, Moscow, St. Petersburg and in any other city you can easily find on the Internet.

It is worth noting that the last few years, organizations have begun to celebrate corporate events much more modest. And some even began to abandon such parties.

Due to the unstable economic environment, some organizations prefer to save and reduce budgets for events. There are cases when the company is ready to organize a holiday, but asks that its employees throw themselves on it.

The scale of corporate events has not changed only among bankers and oilmen. Major oil companies, leading banks and pharmaceutical companies are still walking in a big way.

Large corporate companies are also needed for prestige. They just need to look successful, otherwise the partners will think about whether it is worth dealing with them.

In connection with the current situation, the organizers of the holidays are ready to meet customers and provide discounts of up to 30%. In addition, representatives of the event industry themselves give companies tips on how to cut corporate budget.

1. You can change the format of the event. For example, order a banquet instead of a banquet. This is usually one and a half times cheaper.

2. You can bring your own alcohol. Today, due to the crisis, many restaurants allow it.

3. It is possible to replace Italian and French wines with high-quality Krasnodar wines.

The lower bar to which you can lower expenses according to professional estimates is $ 200 per person. If the costs are even less, the guests will be dissatisfied, and the holiday will be ruined. It is important to leave the guests in a good mood, because with the impressions received at the corporate party, the employee will then work for the company that gave him this holiday.

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