How to wear heels without harm to health


Osteopath explains the danger of loving heels, and gives advice on how to maintain healthy feet (and the whole body), if you cannot do without high heels.

“The heel gives a woman some instability, which means there will certainly be a man who wants to support her, ”─ once noted by a well-known fashion expert. Of course, a woman on heels is gorgeous, but won’t she have to end up maintaining her health? Today I will answer a few key questions about heels, which women most often do not think about. Until a certain point.

What happens when a girl puts on stiletto shoes?

Normally, when a person is standing upright, the load on his organs and joints is distributed evenly. When a woman stands in heels, the center of gravity shifts forward, and the body, to somehow compensate for the load and maintain balance, you have to change the position of almost all vertebrae, organs and bones. It turns out that in some organs and muscles the tension increases, while in others, on the contrary, it weakens, sometimes leading to a significant imbalance. If a woman systematically wears studs — to work, to walk, to the store (and there are those who even use heeled shoes as slippers), then all these changes become chronic. This means that even after the shoes are placed in the closet, the muscles, bones and internal organs remain slightly out of place and do not return to their normal position anymore.

What is dangerous high heel for your body?

This chronic condition has an adverse effect on health. When a woman puts on high heels, the load is not distributed throughout the foot, but is transferred only to its front part. This may trigger the development of transverse flatfoot. In addition, from the constant load the skin on the foot becomes thicker, and natoptysh appear on it – a sure sign of scoliosis or incorrectly chosen shoes. Moreover: the constant overstrain of the calf muscles leads to impaired blood circulation and pain in the legs, and in the future – can strengthen varicose veins. If a woman has scoliosis, then the situation is only aggravated. Young ladies wearing daily studs often come to me at the reception. Obviously, unsuitable shoes only reinforce all their back problems (read also: “Secrets of models: perfect legs”).

How to minimize the negative impact of studs?

As an osteopath, I want to remind women once again: high-heeled shoes are a parquet version of shoes, not designed for every day, and even more so for walking on uneven asphalt. Of course, everything is individual: a lot depends on the quality of the shoes, the age of the woman, the condition of her musculoskeletal system. But in general, the recommendation is: if the heel is higher than 6 cm, I recommend wearing such shoes for no longer than two hours a day. For constant wear perfect shoes with a small, steady heels. A slight rise of 2-3 cm is needed for the foot: a completely flat sole does not give proper support and is harmful just like heels. If we are used to walking in shoes, then there should be a slight difference in height between the toe and the heel. Studs better to save on the way out. In any case, it should be a pair of shoes already worn, comfortable “sitting” on the foot. New shoes will only increase the load on the legs.

If your dress code requires the presence of heels, still look for time to relax: for example, while sitting at your desk, take off your shoes and change your shoes in soft slippers, and be sure to bring exchangeable shoes with a small heel. This recommendation is very important for brides who, willy-nilly, have to wear studs. Lovely girls, for a wedding to be a truly joyful event for you, take removable shoes with you, and then this day will leave only pleasant memories about yourself (read also: “Why Megan Markle wears too big shoes”).

How to relax your legs after a day on heels?

Coming home, the first thing you need to relax your feet. It is necessary to stretch the whole foot strongly and very vigorously and rub it with a fist with force. Walk barefoot on a massage mat or roll your rolling pin intensively with your feet. Make a hot foot bath. This small, but effective set of exercises will give legs, tired of high-heeled shoes, a well-deserved rest.

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