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Back in March, Huawei CEO Richard Yu announced that the company had developed its own operating system. Now it became known its name – Hongmeng.

The new operating system is based on Linux, and its name comes from a Chinese mythological character, who personifies the original chaos, writes

According to a source from China, Huawei has developed its own operating system called Hongmeng, which has been actively developing since 2012. The source also said that the company used this operating system in some of its mobile phones in the domestic market.

The tacit system tests on Huawei devices have already been completed. It is possible that by the time of the official release the name will change.

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Although the source did not confirm that Hongmeng is the original name of the OS, not the internal code name, he confirmed the existence of the operating system associated with this word. It also says that this OS will be used as a universal operating system for various platforms, including phones and laptops.

“This name ideally coincides with the Kirin processor series, which also comes from the name of the mythical creature Qilin,” Chinese journalists say.

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