I got Android Q beta 2 with the full functionality of Bubbles, just one feature of Facebook Messenger

Companion Google Android vpustila friend beta-version of its Android Android Q.

One of the most popular features, the yak byla of each other in the first version, є Bubbles functions. Yak speak Google itself, the price tag is the most important thing.

Bubbles will be familiar to Facebook Messenger. The essence of the function is simple. If you come to see the message at the message box, on the screens there is a small icon for the photo contact, by clicking on what you can do at a small chat.

Yak mochna bachiti on screenshots, such badges can be decorate, just to allow me to get rid of each other with my own words, while continuing to look at the content or to do it yourself.

Importantly, the Bubbles code will be entered into the system without being allowed into the system;

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