Ilon Musk called the reason

Tesla CEO Ilon Mask warned buyers that from May 1, 2019, the cost of electric cars will increase by several thousand dollars. The rise in price is due to the fact that the autopilot option “Self Self-Driving” (Full Self-Driving) will now be included in all new Tesla cars, except for the most affordable version of the Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range).According to Ilrna Mask, the price of Full Self-Driving will rise by about $ 3,000. This option now costs $ 5,000 when added during checkout.

Full Self-Driving autopilot is able to self-park and drive to the owner on call, automatically select the best route to the destination on the navigator and drive along it, drive along the highway, automatically rearranging between the lanes and turning on the bends of the roads.

True, the option is not yet fully implemented. By the end of the year, the company plans to teach the system to recognize and respond appropriately to STOP signs and traffic lights, as well as automatically navigate roads within the city. Musk claims that in the next couple of years, once the system will provide a fully self-governing movement.

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