Importance of Non Academic Activities

Non-academic activities can help your Teen prepare for Real World

Participation in educational and sports facultative activities is a huge period of student’s life of teenagers. This gives them a chance to express themselves by taking part in various student or community programs. It’s true that this is an excellent way to help teenagers make friends with peers, while gaining valuable social skills. However, the benefits from this do not stop when they pass this stage and receive a diploma. Many students will go to work or continue their studies. It is in these life situations that the skills they acquired will give them the advantages with which they can pave their way into the future after Graduation. Get Notes for Graduation or BA Complete Poems like LeisureTartaryNew Year ResolutionWoman WorkThe RebelPatriot Into TraitorThe HuntsmanOne ArtThe Solitary ReaperAll The World’s A StageDeparture And ArrivalA Poison TreeBecause I Could Not Stop For DeathLights Out,.

Teamwork: The most desirable “thing” that employers are looking for candidates for a position in their company is the desire to work in a team. Work in the team is often given great importance in colleges and universities, because professors and teachers know the importance of this skill in the real modern world. What can prepare your son or daughter better for teamwork than just being a part of this team. As a member, he will be able to hone his skills to interact with peers in a respectful manner.

Non-Academic activities

Objectives: As a member of a club or sports team, your child will be responsible for personal or group tasks, goals and achievements. For this reason, non-academic activities are a great way to help your teen understand the basics of building goals and objectives that are very necessary in the workplace. Some special books can also be found here like Chand Se Na Khelo NovelChand Raat Ko Chandni MiliChand Mere Aangan Ka, Khwab Phir Khwab Hain Novel, Ali Pur Ka Aili, Dil, Diya Dehleez Novel, Saif e Chishtiya. A specific goal will help a certain person save a place where he is or acquire it wherever he would like to be.

Responsibility: Being an active member of a team or club, a person is responsible for such “things” as presence and participation. When an individual does not recognize his duties in a team, he will face the consequences, being already an adult at his workplace. Failure to be responsible can lead to a temporary suspension from teamwork and even more so you can be fired. Students who have learned to take responsibility seriously will bring this skill into their careers.

Respect for the rules: Of course, you parents can set the rules for your son or daughter to follow, but in reality only the outside world really teaches them the importance of compliance. When the rules are not observed on the football field, this ends with punishment, i.e. Penalty, which can determine the outcome of the game. Similarly, the rules at work place and your child being responsible will understand that the end of the week brings a salary, and not a notice of dismissal.

Conflict Resolution: When two or more people work together for a common goal, conflict can not be ruled out. Everyone looks at the world with their own eyes, and not everyone approaches the solution of the problem in the same way as the first. This is very true when it comes to non-academic activities. While one student thinks that this output will be the most optimal, the other will believe in the opposite. Ultimately, for the success of a team or club, it is necessary to find a way out and resolve conflicts. This is a very important part of success at work, and therefore studying ways to solve difficult situations from the early development of your student will help him avoid problems in the future.

Resume Writing: Whether it’s a college application or a resume for a job,   non-academic activities along with academic education will play a great role. Employers will be attracted by the fact that the individual could combine work, that is, study and, in a way like game. In other words, employers will involve him in various projects at the same time, which is very important in career growth of a person.

How art affects our development in childhood

As is known, our brain is divided into two hemispheres. Each hemisphere perceives information in different ways. Reading, writing, counting and science are all those actions that are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain. This hemisphere is also responsible for the thought process and analytical thinking.

Drawing and other arts – the result of the action of the brain, which is increasingly considered not so important (in terms of education). Biology students read in differet standards deeply about the brain functions. Biology Past Papers Lahore Board 9th Class Biology Past Papers , Lahore Board Past Papers Intermediate Part 1 Biology. The volume of art training in the country is constantly decreasing, art training is ignored to the detriment of our children.

Children learn best when both hemispheres of their brain are stimulated. This happens when the training is conducted in a joint and coordinated setting. In modern schools, children learn together, but they are extremely lacking in coordinated instruction, contact with each other during the educational process specially in 9th or 10th standards Physics Past Papers……. Drawing or engaging in other art is one of the best ways to bring coherence to your child’s life.
Drawing and painting develop many of your child’s opportunities, which include, but are not limited to:

Increased ability to focus attention on tasks that persist and develop throughout life in all areas of the child’s activities.

– Proper brain stimulation, which is necessary for the development of the “whole child”. Do not underestimate the importance of creativity, the ability to think abstractly (unusually). The best thinkers, inventors and businessmen of our time know how to properly stimulate their brains. Science Subjects Guess Papers for different standard students like Past Papers of Physics Inter Part 1 Lahore Board

– Ability of the best visual, spatial perception and solution of perceptual tasks (tasks for understanding the environment), necessary for the creative process.

– It is very funny and causes interest in achieving success in art. At   internet you can find not only past papers for all classes

– Increases the ability to solve problems.

– A great way of self-expression.

– Develops the ability to concentrate, which helps in learning.

– Increases self-confidence, which persists for life.

– The feeling of individuality and the importance of individual style.

Art increases cognitive ability, and drawing is the first most important “brick” in artistic expression. Children begin to draw when they are still very young, and continue to draw if they see that they can learn to draw better. Help your child become a better student or thinker, continuing his education in the field of art.

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