In Britain, police detained a terrorist accomplice from the London Bridge

Usman Khan's accomplice was detained in the UK, who staged a terrorist attack on London Bridge. It is reported by Sky News.

The police detainee was one of nine extremists who were convicted in 2012 for conspiring to attack the London Stock Exchange. At the moment, the detainee Nazam Hussen is suspected of preparing terrorist acts. A search was conducted in his house as part of the inspection of convicts of terrorism.

True, the police report that so far "there is no information to suggest" that Hussein is connected with the terrorist attack on the London Bridge. It is known that Khan and Hussein belonged to the same group of radicals who planned an attack on the stock exchange.

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Terrorists were sentenced to imprisonment for preparing a terrorist attack and were released in 2018.

Khan was shot dead by police on November 29 when he attacked people with a knife, injuring three and killing two more people.

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